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Crime in San Francisco

There has been a lot of talk about crime in San Francisco recently, so today I'm here to talk a little about numbers and what is going on.

Crime in San Francisco is different depending on the neighborhood, overall though there are different types of crimes. Common crimes we will talk about today are assault, burglary, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft and robbery and gun violence. The following reports are from 2019 to 2020. Assault crimes reported have increased and decreased in different neighborhoods but overall had a decrease. Glen park, lone mountain and Marina Heights are the neighborhoods that assault crimes reports saw an increase. Overall assaults are down compared to 2019 when almost 1,200 assaults were reported, this year only 1,092 were reported. Burglary saw an increase in almost all neighborhoods except Bayview, Ingleside and Visitation Valley. There were 2,443 reports of burglary in 2019 and 3,717 this year. There was an overall decrease in theft across the whole city, neighborhoods like the Excelsior, Outer Mission and Sea Cliff saw an increase. Motor vehicle theft was a big issue and increased in almost all parts of the city besides the financial district. In 2019 2,130 car thefts were reported compared to 2,728 this year. Most neighborhoods saw a decrease in robbery except Noe valley and the Richmond District that saw an increase. Gun violence had a major increase from mid 2020 last year to mid this year. Last year in 2020 and 2019 there were 58 non fatal and fatal gun shooting victims; this year there were 119, more than double.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed said she's invested $65 million into public safety and strategies in hopes to reduce crime rate. Some strategies they have come up with are victim services, street crisis response team, and wellness teams. As for gun violence, the city is trying to work with communities to address the root of the need for gun violence on the street. Numbers have shown gun violence has had a major increase for most neighborhoods in the city, it is important the city does something to address these issues that affect community members. It is also important San Franciscans are informed about the neighborhoods they live in and what their city is doing to bring change.

Statistics from the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner.


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