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  • Ricksel Penullar

Data Breach!

If You have signed up to any social media you may have run up with a privacy policy, you may have noticed a section that says something about how your data will be shared with law enforcement, which can lead to the police demanding it and having necessary paperwork, they'll likely get it. However like most American Adults you don't really read those Privacy policies very carefully and in that case you will be surprised to learn how much of your data is already in third parties, How much of those law enforcement has to it, might be used against you or your rights are to prevent that.

Capitol Insurrectionists are discovering this now as cases against them are built with evidence taken from internet services like Facebook and Google. They left a trail of Digital Evidence for investigators and or detectives on the internet to follow through, However not all of the data was publicly available. If you read those cases of people charged with Crimes relating to the events in Washington on January 6 youll find the FBI also obtained internal records from various social media platforms and mobile phone carriers.

You don't have to be a violent person for the law enforcement to get data about you from other companies. You don't have to be suspected of a crime at all. The police are increasingly using tactics like reserve search warrants to grab people's data in the hope of finding their suspect among them. You might get caught accidentally if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you can lead to yourself in an unfortunate circumstance. So Next time you're signing up for another social media or any of that matter. Remember to read the terms and agreements, because you might never know what you have put yourself into.


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