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Deja Vú

Have you ever been doing something like playing in the park or having a conversation and all of a sudden you feel like you've been in this exact same spot or had this exact same conversation, like if you've lived this moment before? This feeling has a name and it is Déjà vu, a French word literally meaning “already seen”. It feels like whatever you're doing, you've done it before or experienced it exactly the same, exact same people, scenery, dialogue etc. This is something actually pretty common and according to Penn Medicine, about two thirds of people have experienced Déjà vu. While scientists have theories and clues, it still isn't clear why we experience Deja vu.

Lets first get into what different people across the world believe about Déjà vu. Many religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism believe in rebirth, and past lives, this would explain that feeling since you have lived it before. Others who are more spiritual than religious believe it also has to do with your past lives and soul. The Bible also talks a little about Deja vu, it mentions that what has been is what will be and a couple other verses that mention past memories living in the present. Others believe it has to do with your genetic memory and it is your ancestors memories stored in your genetic makeup. Some also believe it is a glitch in the Matrix, and it is the people above the matrix rewriting code or programming. While everyone believes something different, most people recognize the fact that Déjà vu is a common feeling and is connected to something else.

Now let's get into the science aspect researchers have been trying to solve for years. Scientists believe it has to do with your memory and specifically a connection with your temporal lobe. Your temporal lobe is where all your memories are stored, from big traumatic experiences to learning how to eat, it is all stored in your temporal lobe. One theory suggests that it actually has to do with your rhinal cortex, the part of your brain in charge of sending signals that something is familiar. Scientists believe it makes a mistake and something triggers this feeling without any memories to back it up. One theory suggests it actually has to do with false memories that feel real but you can't tell whether it was a dream or not. Research does make it clear though that people who are more exhausted or stressed experience Deja vu more often. Some have made the connection from our temporal lobe to Deja vu with cases of temporal lobe epilepsy. Many people who go through this have reported experiencing Deja vu before a seizure. When you're tired and stressed, your short and long term memory is affected and this also happens in your temporal lobe. These two specific observations make scientists connect Deja vu with the temporal lobe.

In conclusion it's important to remember Deja Vu is still quite a mystery and scientists right now only have theories. It is also important to look into what you believe and value, it is something quite interesting that most of the population experiences. With this being said, what do you believe?


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