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One great fields of work to get into is the tech industry, even if you don’t know much about tech. Even when living in a tech booming generation a lot of young people don’t know a lot about technology. But even if you wanted to get into tech, where would you even begin? In high school we don’t really learn much about it, other than some basic programming classes or small computer lab hours. Fortunately, we live in a city where tech companies are growing rampant, and due to this there are many programs that help young people get into the tech industry. One of these programs is Dev/Mission.

What is Dev/Mission?

Dev/Mission is a pre-apprenticeship program for young adults ages 16-24 and gives them the opportunity to thrive in the tech environment. Dev/Mission exposes those who are hungry for tech knowledge to a variety of fields. If you want to get into the tech industry and don’t know where to start, Dev/Mission is a great place to begin. The program is separated into four different sections: IoT (Internet of Things), IT (Information technology) Essentials, Intro to Programming, and Critical Career Skills.


IoT stands for Internet of Things, which is a fancy term for devices that are connected via the internet. Such devices include smartphones, smartwatches, laptop/PCs, etc. These are known as IoT devices, and in the program students get the opportunity to work with Google employees and create IoT devices of their own.

IT Essentials

For the IT sections, students get to learn more about computers and their internal components, like the CPU, motherboard, and much more. Students also get to disassemble and assemble a PC from start to finish. They will also learn about the history of computers and how they evolved throughout the years. All of the material that the students will learn in this section will also get them prepared for the CompTia A+ certification and/or the Google IT Support certification, which are two of the most important certifications for those who are pursuing a career as an IT professional.

Intro to Programming

In this section, students will learn about the programming languages that comprise the structure of the internet and websites: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Probably one of the most challenging sections in Dev/Mission’s curriculum, as programming can be somewhat exhausting, and even stressful when the code doesn't go your way. However, when you get comfortable with the languages, building a website will come naturally. Students will have the ability to make their own personal website or a resume page, and even create their own web application.

Critical Career Skills

In the eyes of Dev/Mission and their mission statement, this section is probably one of the most important sections in the curriculum. Here you will learn about teamwork, collaboration, and even interview tips and tricks to know when you are out there looking for jobs. Learning technical skills is the least of your problems when it comes to working in the tech industry, but rather learning to work with others and collaborate with people is the most important skill. No matter how good you might be with solving problems or coding, if you can’t work with other people, then you might have some trouble getting hired later in your career.

If you’re trying to get into the tech business and don’t know where to begin, try out the Dev/Mission pre-apprenticeship program and see where to go from there. Maybe you’ll like programming more than IT, or perhaps you’re more hands-on when it comes to tech and prefer IoT. We have many opportunities here in San Francisco and the Bay Area in general when it comes to learning about tech, so take this opportunity to apply for the programs we have available in the area.


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