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  • Ricksel Penullar

Different Music Different Taste!

There are different genres of music throughout the world, world-wise known genres are Pop, Rock, Jazz and many more. Each genre has a distinct element throughout their music that makes them stand out from each other. Pop has more of an upbeat sound and preppy lyrics that are bubbly or catchy, Jazz gives that soothing transitions in with saxophone and potentially trumpets and drums. It’s classy vibes make it really stand out. Today i will be showcasing what genres that are not known by many people.

Indie Music

Indie Genres are probably the most underrated genres at the moment. They served to be the traditional classic garage bands you would hear in your suburban neighborhood. They are known for their laid back and their emphasis on drums. Artists like Clairo, Monsunne, Pablo etc are probably my favorite. They're nice to listen to when you're just going through a vibe. They sort of like Lofi in a way since they emit such a laid back vibe.

Jazz Music

Jazz music gives that emphasis more on saxophones with its awesome vibrato and rich soulful voice. It makes Jazz such a fun bop to listen to when you're trying to feel soulful or even attending an event that is a jazz scene can be very soulful. Fun fact: Listening to Jazz can actually have an effect on the type of brain waves you produce which can be stimulating or relaxing. Listening to upbeat music can: Help you focus and raise your heart rate. Provide motivation and reduce fatigue during a workout.

Disco Music

Disco music has been around the longest time as a genre of dance music and a subculture that emerged in the 1970s from the United States' urban nightlife scene. It's mostly an Underground scene back in the days but this type of music still slaps today! Back then you had to wear fancy attire to really get on the groove of disco Funk! And it's really nostalgic! I wish we still had disco! It's fun to reminisce about the past with colorful Attires!

Hip Hop

If you ever walk into parties You would know the majority of the songs are playing are songs from this genre. With Bass giving that extra hit on these songs it makes that beat go hard! Hip-hop culture is a global culture – we use, enjoy, implement, and borrow from the culture in music, fashion and elsewhere. Hip-Hop was born in New York and South Bronx from Black, Latino and marginalised communities, and hip-hop used to be an underground thing where it was DJ record playing at Karl Hurc’s Party which generally was the birth of hip hop and rapping wasn't even a thing back then either. Hip Hop was shaped due to political and environmental factors which ultimately transformed this genre to something wonderful.

House music

House music is mostly played underground. Their electronic funk and beats makes everyone want to let loose and just enjoy the moment. Its energy gives an up tempoed vibes that make these scenes vibrant! These paired up with flashing lights makes you want to jump in a heartbeat! I love this genre because songs like `212” ' by Azealia Banks really showcased something to me that made me feel like “woah I can dance to this!” and it's just really fun! Cute tempo and really different

Alt Rock Music

The alt rock genre is one of the most popular ones as it covers a lot of other 243 genres like electronic, for example heavy metal has a lot of sub genres. Rock music was heavily influenced by Music Such as blues, Country, Pop and classical. Metal is often associated with rock more specifically Thrash Metal but there's also progressive metal, which is a fusion genre combining metal and progressive rock. There's also different genres like black metal, Nu Metal, Glam Metal, Power Metal are more of which are popular today.

There are many more Music in the world that have different expressions so It's interesting to see what new genres have been out there! I think It's cool that New genres of music are being expressed everyday! And It's cool that there's so many varieties of music out there in the world. I think we can learn from different genres of music. This is currently the music I listen to and I know it's all over the place! I think its fun listening to different varieties!


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