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Duck Duck Go: An Alternative to GOOGLE!

Today I will explain what Duck Duck Go is and how it works. The search engine focused on privacy that has been consolidating itself for a few years as a valid alternative between google or bing. Duck Duck Go, above all, is an exciting alternative for those who do not want to be tracked and want to maximize privacy when looking for things on the internet. So without further ado, let's talk about this excellent search engine.

We will start by explaining what this search engine is and the differences it has compared to google. Among these differences is the bang, like the board game, which are exciting tools we will see as we talk about the search engine. But first things first, and you have to know what the Duck Duck Go is and how it works; As I have said before, it is an alternative search engine to the big names in the sector. It does not have as many resources as Google does, but it has only grown in recent years. So much so that it has already exceeded one billion monthly searches. The great strength of Duck Duck Go compared to other search engines is that it focuses on offering the most significant possible privacy to its users; this means that they are not collecting information from you while you are doing searches. Also, the search results are not personalized concerning your history or what you have searched.

This search engine is written in Perl code; it uses an Nginx Web Server and runs primarily on FreeBSD. We can also consider it a hybrid search engine since it also uses the API and the main search engines on the internet in addition to using its crawler. When you search for something in this engine, the results come in two ways; On the one hand, Duck Duck Go has its tracker called Duck Duck Bot that scans the internet by collecting web pages. But on the other hand, it also obtains results from about 400 different sources, including search engines like Bing or Yahoo and services like Wikipedia. And if it doesn't collect your data, how does this search engine make money? It is as simple as serving ads through the Microsoft or Yahoo advertising networks. In addition, an affiliate marketing system and partnerships with companies such as Amazon or eBay. That is, it shows you advertising, but you do it by tracking yourself and without offering you ads that in one way or another you are forced to click. It is somewhat viable considering that it is an engine maintained by a relatively small team.

And what is the difference between google? Duck Duck Go has some significant differences when compared to search engines like google. To begin with, it does not store the IP address of the users and does not store any information related to them. It only keeps information related to the keywords that are being used. Duck Duck Go browser cannot customize the results. And this can be good or bad depending on your preferences, but it means that all users receive the same search results when they search for the same terms. This engine also does not share users' search data with the web pages they access. Come on, and if you enter a page from a great age, this page will not know what terms you have used to access it. In general, when you search most commercial search engines, even if you do it in private mode, most have the criteria that are used in searches, the use of the search engine is stored, and they are also shared with the pages they visit. That's what Duck Duck Go doesn't share with them. The page will know that you have entered its website, but it will not know how you entered.

And finally, Duck Duck Go does not store your search history either; This means that there is no timeline with everything you have searched. They cannot use it to personalize your results, nor can they give it to law enforcement if they need it for an investigation. In addition, it also helps prevent your search habits from being used by third parties. YES, Duck Duck Go saves the searches made in the search engine, but they do not know who does them. Keeping these searches is to improve the results when someone misspelled or misspelled specific search terms. But of course, Google has an ecosystem of services that Duck Duck Go does not have, and this is always a plus for the most used search engine in the world. But Duck Duck Go does not want to be google either, and it simply wants to be an alternative with which we will have better privacy. If we refer to google strictly as the search engine, Duck Duck Go does practically the same thing, and the user types what he wants to search a button and gets the search results. However, and although the search results and their order are similar, they are different. Duck Duck Go uses a slightly different search method and operates its algorithms, so it is expected that the results are not the same.

And to finish a fascinating tool that Duck Duck Go has, "the bangs," a bang is a command that begins with an exclamation point and is used to search for things in specific places. For example, you can write "!amz" followed anything to find it on amazon, "!e" for eBay, "!i" for YouTube, "!tw" for Twitter, "! IMDb" for the IMDb service or "! r" for Reddit, among other examples.

So far, this little blog is about the increasingly known duckling. If you like privacy and are not bothered by search engine non-customization, Duck Duck Go is one of the better options.


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