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Movie Time - Movies So Bad They Are Good

I have watched my fair share of movies in my life. Plenty was fantastic, others not so much. But some were so bad that they were hilariously good because they were awful. The joke isn’t the movie’s joke, but that the movie is a joke.

  1. Evil Bong Series

    1. Evil Bong is one of the 2000s slashers. It actually has no premise. The idea is that teens find an evil bong and smoke out of it causing them to be stuck forever inside a dream state within the bong?!?!? A fantastic plot that can only be made by a college student who has never made movies before. There are like 17 movies in the series with mashups with other terrible horror movies like Leprechaun and Gingerdead Man. It was so bad watching them I got through it but its like the trials by gods that Hercules went through.

  1. A Scary Movie Series

    1. These have the lowest comedic value being only references. References are bad because they are only relevant for the time period brought into, therefore later on there is no enjoyment. Not to mention this but the references are of that single year so if you were in a coma that year you have no idea what’s going on. This series usually is just a parody of the most popular horror movies that year at a budget of $2 with all of it going to its cast.

  1. Gemini Man

    1. Will Smith is a funny guy. Kinda. Gemini Man is his attempt at making a John Wick, Jason Bourne, Equalizer guy. It was bad CGI with his duplicate being I think his son? The plot was very confusing. I think it was his clone but it was so bad I risk putting it on this genuine list. It was funny like how After Earth was funny, it wasn’t. Instead, you get humor at laughing at Will Smith trying to be cool.

  1. The Room

    1. The king of all bad movies. The worst one. The Room is so bad that it’s funny. Like the other movies on this list it is funny not because of the humor attempted but the humor not intended. Like the acting or even the voice lines. So many funny gifs and memes came out of this. I actually enjoyed the movie probably not how the creators intended but nevertheless it was decent.

By no means am I laughing at the actors but instead their flimsy attempt at making movies. I enjoyed the humor not intended, maybe you will too. Evil Bong is seriously my favorite series so I highly recommend it.


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