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  • Yessica Avila

Easter Day

What is Easter? Easter is one of the principal holidays, or feasts, of Christianity. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion. Easter is the joyful end to the Lenten season of fasting and repentance for many Christian churches. The main thing to do on Easter is the egg hunt. But why eggs? Eggs represent new life and rebirth, and it's thought that this ancient custom became a part of Easter celebrations. In the medieval period, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) so on Easter Sunday, tucking into an egg was a real treat!

Here are some easter traditions to try this year:

1.Planting an Easter garden

When you think about Easter, you think about all the spring colors. Making a garden with flowers such as tulips, petunias, and marigolds sounds like a fun way to celebrate Easter.

2.Egg time machine

You and your family can write letters to yourself in the future and store them in eggs With goals you'd wish to accomplish the following year.

3.Decorate eggs

Drawing and painting on eggs is an excellent activity with the kids this Easter.


Making cookies and cupcakes sounds like an excellent way to start Easter.

5.Playing games

Playing egg games such as don't Crack the Egg is fun to spend Easter with loved ones.


Having a picnic or day out with family is relaxing and a fun day for the kids.

There are many different things to do this Easter. From us at youthline, we wish you a Happy Easter!


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