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Eclipse This Saturday!

A partial solar eclipse will be visible on Saturday from parts of Antarctica, South America, and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This is a result of the black moon. The second new moon in a single calendar month will coincide with the Muslim moon sighting to announce the end of Ramadan; on the Saturday of April 30th of, 2022, people will have a chance to view and witness a partial eclipse of the sun just before during sunset. A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow on the ground, fully partially blocking the sun's light in some areas. During a partial eclipse, the moon and sun are not perfectly aligned, so the moon does not completely cover the sun. This would give the sun a crescent shape or makes it seem as if it's been bitten. As it sets in the West on April 30th, the sun will appear partially eclipsed for those with clear skies in Chile, Argentina, most of Uruguay, Western Paraguay, southwestern Bolivia, and southeastern Peru, a small area of Southwestern brazil.

The Eclipse will also be visible along with parts of the north-western coastline of Antarctica in the Atlantic ocean just off the south eastern coast of South America, including the Falk islands and much of the South Pacific Ocean and the South Pacific Southern Ocean.

It is never safe to look directly at the sun without a safe solar filter, even if the sun is partly or mostly obscured. When you watch a partial solar eclipse, you need to tower a solar viewing eclipse if you want to face the sun. Solar viewing or eclipses glasses are not regular sunglasses: sunglasses are not safe for viewing the sun. Suppose you don't have any solar Viewing or eclipse glasses. In that case, you can always use an alternate indirect method like a pinhole projector to not look directly at the sun but instead to project sunlight onto a surface!

Eclipses happen when one object in space, like a planet or a moon, passes through the shadow of another thing in the room. An eclipse is an awe-inspiring celestial event that drastically changes the appearance of the two most significant we see in our sky: our sun and moon. When the moon, dirt, and sun line up, people can experience both lunar and solar eclipses on Earth. There are typically two lunar and solar eclipses each year. However, eclipses are only viewable from some locations. For example, A total solar eclipse where the moon completely blocks the view of the sun from the Earth is only visible from a specific location every 350 years. Many eclipses only over Earth's bodies of water which cover 71% of our planet, making it even more unlikely to witness one!


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