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  • Donovan G.

Elden Ring Gets a Seamless Co-op Mod

Over the past few months, Elden Ring has been the hot topic supposed game of the year, and it very well deserves it. The game excels in various areas especially being FromSoftware's first open-world title to date.

However, between its numerous highs, it has a few lows, and for one thing, players found the multiplayer experience to be a little underwhelming.

Though it's no surprise, as its multiplayer formula has been the same as previous titles, in that co-operative players can assist host players to defeat an enemy boss, the feature also comes with its own restrictions. Once the boss is defeated, the cooperator is sent back to their own world, and multiplayer disables the usage of the horse, Torrent.

One player however, has made it their mission, to create a seamless co-op mod, that has officially released, today.

The link to the mod itself can be found here on Nexusmods.


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