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Face Tapes

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Since students have gone back to school, many of the schools have implemented mask mandates. This enraged many people and made it seem unfair to some that their children needed to go to school with masks. In addition, the school staff is also required to wear masks to protect their students (because if people aren't aware, some of the children aren't qualified for vaccinations). To many people, the vaccine and mask mandate is encouraged for the safety of the children. However, some schools can sometimes go a little bit overboard with rules and regulations.

Last week in Colorado, one particular middle school's staff may have overdone their "safety" requirements. Many allegations are that teachers at Chinook Middle School in Colorado Springs have been taping masks onto the students' faces. It is unclear whether it is only the teachers, but the school staff was involved in this.

According to a parent, her daughter was given only one warning before the teacher taped her mask. The daughter also says that this has been going on for a couple weeks as well. Another student at the school told her mother that "the teachers were wearing the masking tape around their wrists like bracelets and whenever someone's mask would fall down, they would tape them."

The district is now investigating and interviewing both teachers and students to get more information about the situation. One specific thing is that the police are not involved (yet) in this matter. The district said in a statement: "currently we do not have concrete findings. As we know more, we will keep our community apprised." Meanwhile, some parents are now putting their children in online learning schools for the meantime.

To some degree, some people may even consider the school staff's behaviour an assault on the children. The teachers did not ask permission from the parents to tape their masks and acted on their own say. Some may even consider this as child abuse for the same reason. Even when a parent does this to their child, that's considered child abuse, and child protective services can just as quickly take their children away.

What do you think about the taped masks? Do you think the school staff should get fired? Perhaps hire other staff? If the police get involved, what would be the consequences?

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