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  • Jesus Arambula

Flying Yacht

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Ever thought of a flying boat? Doesn't seem to make any sense, does it? Usually, when we think of a ship, we assume that the boat floats on water (since that's what crafts are known for). Having a boat that flies seems a little counterintuitive because, at that point, it's no longer a boat; that's an airplane! Well, A few yacht designers decided to do just that: a boat that flies over the water instead of floating on the water.

An Italian boat company named Persico Marine developed what they call a "hyperboat-concept," which is a 70-foot long boat that flies over the water. The boat looks very space-like from a sci-fi movie and is meant to be crewed by very few people. The developers and designers called this boat the Perisco F70. They were made in collaboration with Carkeek Design Partners and Pininfarina Nautical.

The designers also mentioned that apart from looking very futuristic, the interior is also luxurious and has a sleek look to it. In addition, with how the boat operates with aerodynamics, the Perisco F70 is also very fast. So this vessel can be used for competitive racing and taking the family out for a short leisure sailing day. Persico Marine stated that the yacht "can 'fly' at just 10 knots," although they didn't give exact speed figures.

The yacht also comes with retractable wings and "elevators on the rudder blade that together allow it to fly across with water with minimal drag." Persico Marine mentioned that the design and the features were a challenge because of how strange the concept was.

The boat's interior also looks like something out of a sci-fi series, with entrances and corridors like that of the Death Star, which also emphasizes the length of the boat. In addition, the interior also includes supporting structures that look like the outside of a ship.

Persico mentioned: "Creating a great team is the best lead-in to the market for a boat capable of making history, as the Perisco F70 project is proposing to do. A craft of this type requires a design of the highest level, great technology and construction expertise, and the best designers: we have built a solid partnership to attain this ambitious goal."

It's no surprise this project is one of a kind and the first time any company has tried to do anything like this. This idea seems a little odd to many people: a boat that flies sort of defeats its whole purpose of being a boat.

But what do you guys think? Do you think this new yacht idea is revolutionary? Or do you think this is unnecessary? What about it do you like/dislike?


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