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  • Jesus Arambula

Free Google Account Space

Not many people consider this, but freeing up some of your digital space is always helpful when adding other data you want to store in the cloud. However, what do you do when there’s no more space available in your account? The most obvious solution is to start deleting some stuff you don’t want or need. If you can’t store any more files in your account, photos might be the reason why, as well as emails. Here are some ways to free up some space on your Google account by deleting certain files you don't want anymore.

1 - Emails with Large Memory Sizes

  • Go to your Gmail account, and in the search bar, type has attachment larger:10M and hit Enter. You can change the number to your liking to search for attachments of more specific memory sizes.

  • Under the search bar, there should appear several filtering tools that relate to your results.

  • Then you can either open each email individually or checkmark the box on the left and delete them from your inbox.

2 - Spam Emails

  • There should be an expandable taskbar on the left with multiple email categories like Starred, Snooze, Sent, etc. There should also be a Spam category among them.

    • If there isn’t, click More, and it should appear.

    • If it still doesn’t appear, it means you don’t have any Spam emails. (Hurray for you!)

  • If you have Spam, Gmail should automatically show a delete all Spam option under the search bar. Clicking it will delete all Spam emails.

3 - Google Drive Documents

  • Go to your Google Drive by typing on a search bar.

  • On the left-hand side, click on Storage.

  • Automatically, Google Drive will list out all of the files in your Drive by memory size from largest to smallest.

  • You can right-click on each of the files and click Remove.

    • Make sure to make a backup of those files if you don’t want them permanently deleted.

  • You will still be able to see your deleted files under Trash. After 30 days, items in the Trash folder will be deleted permanently from your Drive.


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