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Games coming out Fall In 2021

People might not know about me, but I like Gaming. However, I do not play the game per se; I watch the person play the game. However, that does not mean I don't enjoy games! Quite frankly, I do! Even though the gameplay mechanic is not something I have experienced, I like Gameplays with story elements or horror elements! So onto this list, I will write about games that are coming out of Fall 2021 and hopefully, some of you can enjoy them. TOP 10 Games coming out in fall 2021

1. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl As you may know, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl are coming out with a new game; as tease In the E3 Trailer, Though some people have a different take and approach from the series because the original game mainly was pixel elements with 3D structure. Pokemon Diamond and pearl Remake might be underwhelming; however, they are still in development. We can see that the Pokemon DP remake looks a little compared to what it was. It's coming out On November 19, 2021

1. Death Loop The game looks promising and looks about like a first-person shooter game. An interesting idea of a never-ending time loop in which the objective is you need to kill these eight people, and you have to do it by midnight. If the plan fails then and you die, then you go back in time again. There is an assassin trying to hunt you down as well.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn The first Horizon Zero Dawn was an exciting game with interactive gameplay as well as an open-world experience. The game had one of the best video game graphics as well as game style. This game will have its sequel with new storylines and plot development coming somewhere, maybe in fall 2021.

1. Ghost Wire Tokyo From the developers the devil with-in, The game showcased a lot of traditional onmiyoji techniques to exorcist ghosts and combat. We had snippets around the game production back in E3 2019. The game was acting as a third-person video game with elements of horror and action. The players are on a mission to find what is causing all the vanishings. Along the way, you will encounter supernatural entities that are hostile or friendly.

1. Kena Bride of the Spirits I It is an adventure game that follows a girl named Kena who wields magical abilities to help the deceased Spirit pass onto the other world. The looks of the trailer look fun, and the art kind of looks similar to Disney! The animation of the game is pretty, and I think the game looks promising so far!

1. Tales of Arise If you're a big fan of the Tales series, you know that Tales of Arise is one of the most anticipated games! The gameplay is unique this time around, with flashy animations and an in-depth storyline! The combat system all over the years has evolved, and it's pretty interesting how these elements make this game so enjoyable it will come out anticipated on September 10, 2021

1. Genshin Impact Inazuma update The game Has been released for a while now. However, the most anticipated region, Inazuma, will be making its debut on July 21, 2020! The game is a fun adventure game that explores the land of teyvat with a part four! It's a fun game to explore with seven lands to explore 3 is available as of now!

1. Mario Party Superstars! Ready for Game night! Or a night out with your friends? Mario Party Superstars will bring your friends and your family together! It is a game that will bring back the inner frustration and competition into you with 100 mini-games! And new challenges and stages! You can also do it online! Challenge folks globally! The game comes out on October 29.

1. Demon Slayer - Kimetsu No Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicle From the popular anime Demon Slayer - Kimetsu No Yaiba, The game is an adventure game that also works as a fighting game! Fight along with your favourite characters from the series! Fight enemies! Along the way! If you like Demon slayer, then this game is for you! This game comes out on October 15

10 Shin Megami Tensei V If you have been a fan of the series of Shin Megami Tensei, Then This game Is for you! If you're new to the game, you're in for the ride! This game uses a classic fighting strategy game but uses an open-world experience! You might need to strategize your way on this one! If you like to challenge your brain and your skills, then this game is for you! It comes out on November 11, 2021


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