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Genshin Impact 1.1

NEW Characters: 

New Characters are arriving in Genshin Impact on the first update version of the Genshin Impact. Exciting things are coming forward for this update and the End of the Klee Era. We see a slight improvement in the game. In Version 1.1, We are getting introduced to the few incorporations of the game with characters and implementations in the game. First, we are going to dive into the newly introduced characters in the game with the Teased Bartender Cat Tail Tavern Diona! She is a cryo user who wields a bow, and her Character is designed as a cat with fluffy ears. She can pounce enemies in close quarters using her cryo shield to protect herself from enemy attacks. She can also clear the floor with her elemental damage burst dealing cryo damage to enemies in an area while regenerating HP for characters in your party. She's an excellent 4-star unit that can provide support for your team.

The next Character getting introduced in this update is called Xinyan, a girl ready to blast you from the ground. Her claymore strikes are massive like Chongyun, Diluc, Bideou and Razor. Her Pyro Skills can offer her a shield as she can swing her flaming instrument, nearby opponents. She can follow up with an Encore by unleashing an elemental burst making her enemies fly up, dealing with physical damage and causing explosions that deal with pyro damage! The most awaited and hype Character For this Month is the Harbinger himself, Childe! This Character has flashy skills that make a standout. With his unique arsenal hydro skills kit in his combat, he can be a melee and Bow user. His playstyle allows him to use a bow from range attacks and water blades are suitable for close combats to sweep more enemies away. Childe can unleash his elemental burst dealing with hydro damage with magic arrows or slashing swords. He's an interesting character unit since he can be a long-range and short-range user at the same time, so it will be interesting to see him on the battlefield. Lastly, coming for next month's banner during the Christmas holidays, Zhong Li will be joining the Genshin Travels! He will be the first 5-star unit who's a geo user! His playstyle is bad ass as he uses a spear. Zhong Li's masterful commands can grant his ultimate a star to fall from the ground. His banner will be coming on December 1! So make sure you save up and try your luck! Or if these characters do not interest you! Or a F2P don't worry, Ayako will be coming 1.2 who's a cryo user! She will be coming next year so stay tuned for new updates!

New Stories:

With new updates coming for Genshin Impact, the Plot for Liyue will continue with Ninguang and our hero, the traveller. Keqing will finally make her first official debut in this update in the current storyline. They will be facing off new opponents and facing much battle along the way. Be ready for what's coming up next because this will pick up from the previous storyline for Liyue. 

New Events:

In addition to new storylines and Added characters, There are new features added into 1.1 updates for adventurers to have a blast and put their skills to the test. Unreconciled stars will be featured in this event and will start on November 16. Travellers will be able to team up with Mona and Fischl in the new storyline that investigates mysterious meteorites falling in the skies of Teyvat. It is up to our traveller to discover and find out what these things are. Another event is in version 1.1. New gliding challenges will be able for travellers to test their skills and earn customizable rewards!

Another Feature added to the game is the reputation system, which offers generous rewards to travellers. While also giving players something to do, how this works is reputation increases in the city you're in. The higher your reputation system, the more generous rewards you'll get.

While Ver 1.1 is upon us, the streets say we are getting a Free Barbara and Fischl in this event! With 300 primo gems alongside it with the maintenance and stuff.

In addition to new characters, a slew of new weapons will be arriving with Version 1.1 for Travelers to equip on their favourite fighters. First, let us take a quick peek at a new catalyst coming in Version 1.1.

New Weapons

Memory of Dust (Catalyst)

ATK: 10.8%

Base ATK: 46

Weapon affix: Golden Majesty Memory of Dust features the Golden Majesty affix, it increases Shield Strength and also has a stackable attack buff that is triggered by scoring hits on opponents. What’s more, the attack buff is further increased while the active character is protected by a shield if you don't have a 5 star weapon yet! This event can be very beneficial to you.

Skyward Harp (Bow)

CRIT Rate: 4.8%

Base ATK: 48

Weapon affix: Echoing Ballad

So, these are the major offerings, and it seems like there’s something to do for paying players and free players alike, given that there are at least a large number of new quests coming with the new paid banners. This all launches on Wednesday after the server downtime, probably about 5 hours after daily reset. Stay tuned for more. 


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