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Genshin Impact 1.3

Genshin impact 1.3 has showcased alot of the things that were hyped during the events that were coming into the game. One of the most anticipated characters in the game is Xiao who has a lot of following before the game. He was introduced to the CBT closed beta test in April along with Ayaka, a future 5 characters that's soon coming into the game. With the release of Xiao the lantern rite festival which is a liyue tradition in a game where it's based on China that floats lanterns up in the sky. Along with Xiao comes Keqing which at the time was very unexpected because everyone thought it was going to be Hu Tao who is a Much anticipated character in the game as being the 77th Grand master of the Wang shung funeral parlor.

With the Announcement of 1.3 came with a lot of events that extends all the way from the end Of march. With the Lantern rite festival we can expect a lot of fun festivities with characters from Liyue and expect a lot of flow in the festivities that showed a lot with character.

A Lot of people in the genshin community didn't expect Keqing to be in 1.3 much more a Increase in banners. A Lot of people thought it was Hu Tao and Xiao together with a standard of 22 days in the banner. According to the banners from previous history Like Albedo and Ganyu they had 3 weeks to put their banner. If 1.2 had albedo for 3 weeks for December 2nd and January 11th and Ganyu had January 12 and January 31st. This means that Xiao's banner is in accordance with the February 3rd and its end date is the 17th then Keqiang is on the 17th of February till the end. That opens the room of 1.3 that a potential 5 Star whose character has been leaked with attack animation and character profile. This means Hu tao will be at the end of the 1.3. It is said that the reason why Hu tao was not introduced yet in the game was because her skills had a lot of bugs and were still under development. This leaves a lot of speculation that Hu Tao was delayed from a company standpoint.

Obviously This just a speculation but Characters who get their skill leaked out are the next characters usually are the ones incoming in the game except Ayaka since she's from Inuzuma. Inuzuma is coming hypothetically maybe around update 2.0 or maybe 1.7. Maybe during this time we will see Inuzuma but not Ayaka. Since 1.4 showcases the wind flower festival in Monstadt that will have a rerun of Venti in banner with rosaria and potentially Klee during the month of March. But those are just speculation for the upcoming events like 1.5 is chasm with potentially Yunjin and YaoYao in the game. It would make sense to put Yao Yao And Yunjin in 1.5 because they're potentially the last characters in liyue along with Baizhu. Baizhu may come in 1.5 as well like 1.3 did during a 2 week banner release.

1.3 will showcase a lot new and fun events for new players alike and it's also the most hyped up festival in the game currently with Ludi Harpassum coming in soon with Inuzuma in the later future.


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