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GitHub Copilot's AI already writes 35% of the code for languages ​​like Java or Python. And it will

Today the Microsoft developer conference, BUILD 2022, takes place, and Microsoft is showing its news for this year. The most significant thing at the 2021 conference was the [integration of GPT-3 with its 'low code' platform](BUILD 2022) Power Apps. Microsoft made it possible to program without code, with natural language.

GitHub Copilot was born from those muds, the surprising service with which Microsoft gave some developers the option of helping themselves with portions of code written by the suggestions of their AI. It did not come as a substitute for developers but as an assistant with which to speed up specific tasks incredibly.

During BUILD 2022, Microsoft announced that GitHub Copilot would be available to all developers this summer. Access to Copilot has been limited, though Microsoft says "tens of thousands of developers" were already coding with it in its tech preview.

GitHub Copilot already writes 35% of some of the most used languages

Microsoft mentioned that Copilot was already responsible for 30% of the total GitHub code this year. However, it later qualified it, making the figure valid only for some of the most used languages.

Today, Microsoft announced that GitHub Copilot already suggests over 35% of the code for popular languages ​​like Java and Python less than a year later. Microsoft also mentioned a while ago that more than 50% of the people who try this AI assistant continue to use it over time.

Time will tell how successful Copilot is, but with things like DALL-E 2 and IMAGE, Google's new AI capable of creating art just by inputting natural language, it's clear that the future is bright for whatever field there is. Well-trained machine learning. These innovations must be tested very well because, according to an experiment by the University of New York, GitHub Copilot generated insecure code in 40% of cases. It was last year, yes, but there it is.


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