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HIgurashi 2020 You need to watch this show!

The new Higurashi has been released! The new anime project was first announced on January 6, 2020, along with the unveiling of its official website and key production staff. On March 21, the first promotional video for the anime was released, placing the air date in July 2020. A manga version of the new anime illustrated by Tomato Akase was also announced to be released alongside it. The series was marketed as a "new anime project" in both English and Japanese. The PVs showed only scenes from the original story, except for one new club activity. The first episode also used the 2006 Higurashi anime opening as the ending song while hiding the name of the anime and story arc. With the more distinctly different events of the second episode, the actual title of the anime, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou, and the name of the first arc, Onidamashi-hen officially translated as the Demon Deceiving Chapter, were revealed. 

The series's promotional materials and website were also updated accordingly, and a third PV was released. So what is Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is Translated as When the Cicadas cry? Tells the story of a group of friends living in Hinamizawa, a rural village held captive by a cruel, bloody legacy. For the past four years, on the night of Watanagashi, the Cotton Drifting Festival, a series of mysterious deaths have occurred. In each case, one person is brutally murdered, and one disappears without a trace. These serial murders have been attributed to Hinamizawa's patron God's wrath and became known as "Oyashiro-Osama's curse." The story of Higurashi takes place during the time of the fifth Watanagashi since these events began. 

The stories are focused on a handful of interesting major characters with very different attitudes and histories. The cast is rock solid, consisting of the boy (Keiichi) that just moved into town, the heiress to the most vital family controlling the area (Rena), the twin sister (Shion and Mion) that was cast away. 

The young priestess with a second personality foretells the future, the daughter of a family ripped apart by Oyashiro-Osama's curse and the girl who has survived it once before. While there is relatively little in the way of a supporting cast, depending on which of the individual protagonists the current arc is following, the others tend to become the support. 

While the core cast includes only a single male character, it actually works surprisingly well. There are no attempts to play the series up as a harem anime, nor are there any of the juvenile panty shots or perverted humour you typically find in a one-boy-several-girls cast. Although the series is schizophrenically driven by light and dark extremes, Higurashi successfully retains its mature attitude even when at its most lighthearted. 

Alternately frenetic and cold, the soundtrack serves to highlight the extremes of the series. The audio enhances the mood exceptionally well, creating a chilling atmosphere during eerie scenes or instilling a sense of paranoia during an otherwise harmless moment. The series sports one of the slickest, most haunting sets of intro credits I have seen to date, both visually and aurally.

It is a fantastic show that encompasses the struggles and challenges of what people go through. Suppose you can stomach the brutal, sadistic part of the show. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to watch this series and try to puzzle out all of the hidden truths. This show is a must-watch!


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