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  • Steven Erquiza

History of Electric Scooters

This might come as a surprise, but scooters were actually invented by children. In 1817, In Germany, a few kids used their recycled woods to make a kick scooter. Back then, it was just a toy for kids, especially in the United States during the great depression in the 1900s. Kids used to make them get relief from the great depression. It brought them joy and a great way to get around without using any electricity or batteries. When NYC flourished, the scooter industry thrived. Being in a big city, people need a way to get around without getting stuck in traffic. The best scooter companies generalized a featured design in a robust frame to invent a steered beam at 45° angled towards the rider.

In 1916, The Autopen company launched a new patent for a gas scooter. The inventor of that pattern was Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson. That is why Arthur Hugo Cecil is considered the inventor of the modern scooter. Then the company patented air-cooled tires, 155cc engine, front-wheel, handlebar-lever, steering push mechanism to generate speed up and pulling back micro-scooters.

Between 1916 - 1922, the electric scooter industry expanded in the US and Germany, but the business collapsed for not having widespread adoption. After then in the 1930s, uses of scooters were spreading around urban areas, airport pickups, military camps, and Hollywood studios. In 1990, the modern foldable kick scooter pattern was blueprinted by Wim Ouboter. Companies like Micro and Razor reignited the passion for scooters. Still, in 2001 it was Go-Ped that released the world's first electronically-powered scooter. After that, so many companies were developing their versions of electric scooters to compete.

Nowadays, in big cities, you can rent scooters anywhere you go. You can find them on the streets, and you just have to download their app and scan the barcode. Then go ride wherever you want.


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