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'Hogwarts Legacy': everything we know so far about the new Harry Potter video game

Little by little, new news is arriving about the announced open-world game of Harry Potter. The rumors have been fulfilled with the Play Station that for the first time has given abundant details about its developments and mechanics, which, as expected, predict a game where we are going to be able to lose ourselves for hours and hours. Here's what we know about this long-awaited new Harry Potter game from Avalanche Software (the makers of the 'Disney Infinity games, not the 'Mad Max' ones) and Portkey Games.

What date does the game arrive?

There is no specific date, but it is known that it will arrive in 2022. Initially, it was scheduled for 2021, but the delay was announced in January of that same year. Still, things could go even further. Colin Moriarty of the dedicated Playstation podcast 'Sacred Symbols' announced that he had received rumors of an even longer delay for the game, until 2023, due to development that was not going as well as expected. Moriarty did not cite sources for this information. It will be released on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.

There was an initial one that did not show gameplay; it only revealed some details about the time in which the game takes place and already revealed the great diversity of scenarios that the adventure will have.

And there's also the State of Play for March 17, of course. In these twenty minutes, many details about its development have been known, and the game has been seen in action.

What plot does the game have?

It is still wrapped in a significant mystery, but it is known that although the title is not based on any 'Harry Potter' novel, it will start from the world and the lore created by J.K. Rowling (who is not involved in the creative side of the game). The setting is at the end of the 19th century, and the protagonist will be an apprentice wizard like Harry Potter was. The difference: our hero or heroine will have a special ability to learn and perform Ancient Magic. Avalanche states that "only you can decide if you will protect this secret for the good of all, or give in to the temptation of a more sinister magic."

How can we configure our character?

In this environment, we will be able to create a character that we will be able to configure at our whim in the best tradition of RPGs of all time. A great emphasis is being placed on the diversity of possibilities for the protagonists (even if you desire to replicate one of the classic characters of the series), which may be witches, wizards, and even access transgender options. You can also choose which house you want your character to belong to.

The possibility of the game having a morality system has been rumored, although it is not yet certain. The door is also open to Dark Magic, the terrible ancient sorcery used by the most fearsome wizards in the world of Harry Potter. Some of our opponents will be Dark Wizards (of course, the earth witch who is the great villain of the game, according to Avalanche, is). Perhaps our protagonist can delve into more morally dubious magic to increase his powers. It is known that Dark Wizards and rebel goblins will be the enemies to beat.

What details are known about the gameplay and combat?

Beyond Avalanche's definition that we are facing an action RPG in the open world, nothing. In theory, we will be able to explore Hogwarts and its most famous locations while we improve the powers of our protagonist, who will arrive at school knowing very little about magic. There will also be beasts and magical creatures that we can have as pets.

As told in the State of Play, spells will naturally be an essential part of combat. It has been seen how our protagonist combines protection, attack, grappling, object throwing, and stunning passes to develop strategies in the fight. As always in this type of game, powers and abilities can be improved by gaining experience points and through spell trees that can be learned.

Will we be able to visit settings from the novels?

Luckily Hogwarts is a thousand-year-old academy, so although the action was set in the 19th century, there will be recognizable settings. On the one hand, Hogwarts Castle itself, wherein the trailer we already see scenes that we know by heart, such as the vast dining room, the hall, or the classes where magic lessons are taught. The castle is a vast place to explore, filled with secret passageways, stages and side quests, and puzzles that open pathways to secret areas.

We will also get to know Hogsmeade, the small and traditional town where there will be shops where you can buy equipment. There will also be many secondary missions and, apparently, a plot that involves rebel magicians with whom we can face, perhaps to gain experience, items, and money to invest in local shops.

What is the Room of Requirement?

It is a room at Hogwarts for your private use only, and which, as described in the State of Play, "sees what you need and gives it to you." Cared for by the elf Deek, in it, you can grow plants, create potions, and breed beasts and magical creatures, among many other activities to configure our wizard or witch. You can even spend time decorating it and making it your own, turning it into a kind of personalized hub.

Can you travel with a broom?

Yes! Avalanche has already confirmed that the flight and the broom will be mandatory to move around the immense map. Although issues such as its use in (undoubtedly present in the game) Quidditch have not yet been detailed, for now, it will serve as a useful means of communication and transport.


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