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How To Travel

How To Travel

By Anabel Fielding

Are you thinking about going on an adventure? If you would like to travel, I suggest choosing a place and packing your bag because an adventure awaits. From my experience, I have traveled in the US, and I have traveled internationally. You have to be more patient and flexible when you travel internationally because you have to adapt to a different culture. It is helpful to be prepared on what to bring depending on where your destination is.

Before you walk out the door and start driving, flying, or taking a train to your destination, let’s go over what you need to bring. I recommend getting warm clothes if you’re going on a winter trip or light clothing vacation if you’re traveling in summer. I suggest you bring a guidebook that will show you interesting sights to visit, lodging information, and good restaurants to eat at. Plus, don’t forget to bring your camera and a book to read because it may get boring when traveling if you don’t have anything fun to do. Also, don’t bring your toiletries because they might not be available. Most importantly, you should get your identification, money, and phone if you’re traveling overseas. Nowadays, it is also vital to carry a passport when you travel both domestically and internationally.

It is good to have an itinerary when you are traveling, too. Maybe you would like to go to national parks, museums, the beach, or other places. I recommend you to take pictures and videos of the sights you see to share with your family and friends. Also, if you have a diary, write down your adventures you go on so that you can remember your experiences and share them with others.

Finally, if you are traveling internationally, you should check out the US State Department website for any travel advisories for any country you decide to visit. If you travel in the US, you should check out the city’s tourism bureau you will be visiting for security advice. Lastly, have fun. I hope these tips will be useful for your next trip.

Tips & Steps On How To Travel - Julian Calderon

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for this quarantine and COVID to be gone so I can travel. There are so many places that I want to travel to that I saw on the internet, like Japan, New York, England, South Korea, and so many other sites. But one of the things that I do with my everyday life is to prepare myself for the future. It comes in handy because I like to make plans for future places to visit. An example that I can say is that I would spend New Years’ in New York with the people I met studying abroad in Paris. But COVID happened and postponed the trip. So we all made a group chat and discussed what we are going to do over there and how we will do there.

If you are going to travel for the first time, then planning on where to go is better to go with friends, family, or an organization that travels. For your safety and to have a good time, but even if you have never traveled before, or a few times, or a lot. Then this blog can help you have a better time to travel.

I don’t believe that traveling around one person’s country will help a lot or be very memorable for someone to travel for the first time. Only because I never had the chance to travel around the U.S. before I traveled to Paris. My family never really had enough money to travel around the states. But that didn’t matter, because I went with a study abroad program and saved up my money to travel to Paris. I was pretty good at study the language because I studied for a couple of years in high school, and I wanted to do something drastic in my life. After a long and terrible year, I went through. So if you are feeling confident, have a program, or people you trust, and know the language pretty well or very well, then you can travel outside the U.S. for an enjoyable time.

I think that traveling outside of one person’s country is a lot better than traveling around inside of one person’s own country. I grew up with American culture, and not to lie; we are very close-minded about the rest of the world. But I think that this happens to everybody who never traveled and experienced outside their own country. For they all listen to what other people say and believe them. I know because I was one of them. But enough about what I think and did. This blog is for you to prepare yourself for traveling anywhere.

1st Step) Once you find a group of friends or family to travel to, then you can create a document and title it likes, “[Place’s Name] Trip - [Date of Year]”. This will help you and other travelers set a date and try your best to make sure it happens. It will give you an amount of time to work a lot to get the money. It will provide you with a reasonable amount of time to research what you want to travel to. It will also give you a relaxing time accessing it, remember the trip preparations, and use it for future trips as a model.

2nd Step) Know and study the dos and don’ts of the rules for that place. This will help you so much when you arrive because you get to know what to do when you are in an unsafe environment. You won’t get into trouble if you know the rules for foreigners, and you get to know your rights when you walk into a foreign country.

3rd Step) Book ahead. Like more than a couple of months. Things are more expensive when you book a lot of things right there and then. Like plane tickets, places to stay for the night, cars, boats, the list can go on and on. Make sure that you are going to be prepared for the season of traveling. When it is monsoon season, know when school is out for those in school, etc.

4th Step) Figure out how much you want to spend on the trip. This is very important because money is everything in this world. Do you like food? The money will help you. Do you want souvenirs? Money is there. You need to pay medical bills or medicine because someone got sick and their health plan doesn’t cover them? Don’t worry. Money is there!

5th Step) Speaking of money, know how much the currency costs the country you want to travel to for those traveling outside of the country. This will help you a lot by having an easy time when you arrive in the country. It will also give you a better understanding of you working for more or fewer hours.

Of course, you don’t need to follow these steps by heart or use them because there are so many other ways, but these simple steps of what I do when I want to travel can help you plan out your next adventure.

I’ll make a video shortly and give more explanations for those who are visual learners. I’ll give over more detail for traveling inside the U.S. and traveling outside of the U.S. So stay in tune for that!


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