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  • Ricksel Penullar

International Space War

The International Space Station orbits the earth 16 times a day, 250 miles. It is where astronauts from more than a dozen countries have been living since 2000, mostly Russians and Americans. The only way anyone got up or down for the last ten years was in a Russian Soyuz. At least in space, countries like Russia and the US depend on each other. However, when Russia invaded Ukraine, The US levied significant sanctions, including some meant to. "Degrade their aerospace industry including their space program." The head of Russia's space agency responded that perhaps they had crashed the space station. They even made a fake video showing Russians leaving an American Astronaut and then detaching the Russian segment. Relations between the West and Russia the Tensest they have been; since the International space station has been in operation, what happens now? However, during the cold war, the Us and the soviet union were in the space race on who could develop the technology to reach the stars first? However, the space is also where the two countries have tried to get along. After the Soviet Union launched the first Satellite. After the soviet union launched the first Satellite and put the first man into space. However, before the US landed on the moon, there was a talk of going to the moon together. "The cold reaches of the universe must not become the new arena of an even colder war, It actually ended up being something discussed in congress. Of course, that was where it then fizzled out. However I think it was important that these discussions took place. It led to the two countries eventually collaborating on the compatible docking system Even joining Spacecrafts in 1975 the handshake was the symbol that we see each other as equal partners in this we recognize and respect each other, at least here in space. Soon after the US would begin its space shuttle program bringing astronauts and satellites into space in reusable shuttles and the soviet union would create the first modular Space station, Mir where cosmonauts could love long term. At the same time, The US, Japan, Canada and several European Countries. Began planning to build their own space station Together. However the After the soviet union Fell- and the cold War Ended Then the Us and Russia began peace talks. One of the First things they agreed to was collaboration in space. Soon the US shuttle astronauts docked with Mir. Russian cosmonauts joined the shuttle launches. Russia was added to the joint station plans instead of building weapons in space. Russian scientists will help us to build the international space station." The first parts of the space station went up in 1988; it was designed to be collaborative and independent. It comprises individual modules, some controlled by Russia, some controlled by The US. The Russian side controls the navigation, and the US provides most electricity. That purposeful design to sort of work in international cooperation into the actual technicalities of the space station. They have conducted thousands of experiments to learn about the importance of space exploration and whether humans can live in space long term. How does food grow, or does the human body change? Out more in Part 2


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