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Kyle Rittenhouse and What's Going On

As of today, November 19th, Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty of the charges he has committed. One side of people are agitated, and the other side is thrilled. Either way, we will see the ripples caused by the aftermath of the case.

Kyle Rittenhouse was a teenager in Wisconsin during the protest of police brutality. During this moment, protesters became rioters and started to loot stores, shops and burn things. Some people may hate these types of people, and some may defend the actions of the rioters. But no matter what, many people in the BLM movements and their supporters don’t acknowledge and condone these riots.

However, on August 25th, 2020, as people protested in Kenosha for police officers killing Jacob Blake after a domestic violence call, Kyle Rittenhouse, being 17 at the time, took his rifle and started to go around Kenosha, believing and saying that he is protecting the streets.

In his first shooting, a gunshot was going off, and Kyle was being lunged out by a man. So Kyle shot the man four times. In his second shooting, he flees the area, and people starts chasing him, yelling at people that he is a shooter. He tripped and fell to the ground, as he tried to get up, two people rushed towards him, and Kyle shoots four times. One in the chest of a guy, and one in the arm of another guy. The guy who got shot in the chest, doesn’t move, and is injured runs away. Police came and ignored Kyle as they tended to the injuries, but many people told the police that Kyle shot at people and didn’t arrested Kyle.

Kyle’s charges were one count of reckless homicide, one count of intentional homicide, and one of attempted deliberate homicide. All charges were not considered guilty, and Kyle walked away from the case. The problem with this is that many people argue that the case was a massive example of white privilege.

Many people state that Kyle chooses to go to Kenosha as a “medic” even though he states in court that he doesn’t know anything about medical training. People state that the judge was utterly bias towards Kyle and made sure that people in the court say “looters” and “asenorists” instead of “victims. There are other pictures/videos of Kyle hanging out with white supremacists and always wanting to be a police officer to enforce that Blue Lives Matter. People have also argued that if Kyle were a person of color, the judge wouldn’t have dismissed a lot of evidence of the prosecutors, or the judge wouldn’t have been so thoughtful towards Kyle’s feelings/action was crying.

Because of the actions made by the juries, many people will protest, and create chaos, because many of them want justice for the victims. This moment of history will create ripples, and we don’t know what will happen. Many people will fight until Kyle serves time, and maybe some people will fight that back. All we know is that for upcoming days, people will be on eased for a while. If you want justice and plan on having protests, citywide, statewide, or nationwide. Or even worldwide, just be safe, and be true to your words. Many people have felt inspired that the cop who brutally killed George Floyd is serving a long time after a year of George Floyd’s death.


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