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  • Katie Huang

Learning Names on Your Deep Sleep?

Humans are complicated living; many scientists are trying to understand our human body better. In recent days, research shows that humans can have better memories during their sleeping time.

Researchers from Northwestern University found that playing a recording of people's names during a night's most profound sleep period reinforced peoples' memories and improved their recall of words and faces the following day. This study shows that if you practice your memories during the night, you will increase your memory capacity during wake up the next day.

Usually, the sleep circle will be divided into four stages. In the first two stages, your body starts to have a slow rhythm. For example, your heartbeat and breathing will become slower, your body temperature will decrease, and your eye movements will stop. These will lead to the next stage — deep delta sleep slow-wave sleep. Your body will start fixing the systems and restoring everything during this stage. This is the only time your body will get fully relaxed.

Then the next stage will be rapid eye movement sleep, called REM. From delta sleep, our memories will be storge to the long-term storage. For REM, this is the stage we start dreaming. The studies also show that missing this stage will cause negative impacts. For example, it will damage our memories. It will cause heart and other chronic diseases and even early death.

Moreover, the studies find that the people will a longer deep sleep will have better memories, and they will have a higher quality of sleep while hearing the records. The researchers said it might be able to use in the future; people can listen to some descriptions to help improve their memories or study for their exams.


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