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Hip hop as a culture and music started back in the 1970s in New York from the multiethnic exchange amid African-Americans against the United States youth and the young immigrants and the immigrant children from the Caribbean countries. Hip Hop music has been explained as a voice and outlet for the disenfranchised youth for low-income and marginalized regions since the hip hop culture show the economic, political, and social realities of life. As time went by, Jamaica's hip hop's influence the people in New York City in the 1990s. The influence was first brought by the cultural shifts mostly due to the increased Jamaican immigration to American-born and New York City youth who were visiting in the 1990s.

One of the earliest hip-hop D.J. and artists in history is DJ Kool, who was Jamaican D.J. Most people state that he is the originator of hip hop music with his first song in 1973, "back to school Jam." Hip hop continued to develop in the years such that people began to adopt the music. In the 1970s, block parties were highly popular in New York City among the Caribbean, Latino Youth, and African-Americans in the Bronx. The block parties included D.J.s that played popular music, especially soul and funk music. The technique was Jamaican common dub music and was greatly introduced to New York by the immigrants from the Caribbean, incorporating Dj Kool Herc as a hip hop pioneer.

Something else to note is that Hip hop's early development occurred when drum-machines and sampling technology became greatly available to the whole public at a given cost that was readily available to the average consumer, not the professional studios. Samplers and drum-machines were connected in the machines known as the Music Production Centers such as Linn 9000. The initial sampler which was broadly implemented to form the new music was the use of Mellotron combined with a TR-808 drum machine.

In 1973, he participated at a back-to-school party as a D.J. where he extended the record beater by utilizing two record participants by isolating the percussion breaks through the utilization of mizer to connect amid two records. Herc's views on creating music with the record players since we now comprehend scratching and breaking in music. Before the 1980s, hip-hop music was hugely confined to the idea of the United States. In the 1980s, it started the spread of hip hop, which became a section of music in many nations. the song that was on air during the 1980s was "Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (1980), Funky Four Plus One – That's The Joint (1980), afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock (1982), grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (1982), Cold Crush Brothers – Fresh, Fly, Wild & Bold (1984) and Cold Crush Brothers – Fresh, Fly, Wild & Bold (1984)”

The first D.J. to bring electro hip hop was Greg Wilson, who introduced it to the U.K. club spectators in the beginning 1980s going for the instrumental versions or dubs version of Warp by Nunk. In 1979, music became the mainstream genre that spread worldwide in the 1990s with controversial rap gangsta. Herc also worked upon deejaying the break-beast, which breaks the funk songs as a section of the suited dance, mostly percussion, based on the repeated and isolated purpose for the night parties dances. This created the music playback utilizing the rock and funk that formed the major base for hip hop music. Music has grown over the years and there have been new ways of producing hip hop music.

In the early days, B-boying was the first idea of hip hop culture to go to Japan, South Africa, and Australia. However, in South Africa, the Black Noise breakdance crew created the exercise before starting to practice later after the hip hop to the country. Musician and a presenter known as Sidney later became the first Black TV in France with a show that he referred to as H.I.P. H.O. P. that screened the T.F.I 1984 genre to spread worldwide. Sidney was later considered the father of Hip hop in France. Radio Nova helped launch other hip hop French stars incorporating Dee Nasty, who produced the 1984 album on Panama City Rapping with Rapattitiude, which helped spread hip hop in the country.

The Young Black Americans used hip hop music as a culture to present the civil rights movement in the 1990s and 1980s to depict the movement's boundaries. The music presented their pleas and their request to be treated equally with no discrimination regarding race and color The hip hop music offered the young African Americans a view to allowing their issues to be heard. According to the American view, such as rock and roll, hip-hop music vigorously contends through conservatives since it romanticizes violence, gangs, and law-breaking. It also offered people an opportunity to minimize the entire world to social concerns consumers.

Hip hop has continually developed, and many people have joined the music industry to showcase the ability to rap and follow contact beats. In the 21st century, there has been a lot in the music industry due to digital downloading, which made genres like hip hop music undergo some hard times. The massively well-known boy bands like the NSYNC and the backstreet boys drew heavily on close to hip hop style and hip hop sound, rhythm, and a new approach. At the beginning of the 2000s, the hip-hop creative center transferred to South America. After the success of experimental OutKast success and stable New Orleans-founded artists that emerged from the ongoing record organization. The no-limit records and cash that Master P anchored founded on the party anthem of Juvenile rappers.

As time went by, major stars continued to rise from Atlanta and other parts of the world. The hip-hop celebrity grew along with multimedia progress like the burgeoning film Ludacris's career. It continued to the rise of Kanye West and Jay-z, the fascinating hip hop faced success in 2004. Among the best hip-hop songs are those of Jay-Z and Kanye West. Kanye West has created music that expresses the need to appreciate oneself as black, among other important lyrics that he has focused on real-life experiences. Kanye West showcased many possibilities of growth in the hip hop industries. The impact of hip hop has continually expanded all over the world. M.I.A was known to have personified hip hop in this century. Some of the best hip hop songs that I might recommend one to listen to are by the Sugarhill Gang’s known as the "Rapper's Delight." I would recommend other hip hop songs include "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" by Geto Boys, Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G., Homecoming and The New Workout Plan by Kanye West."

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