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Managing School

So far, for me, it has been about 2 weeks into school. As well, for me, it has been completely online-based. Again, for me and most likely others as well, I am an in-person preferred student. That includes things like my schedules. My teachers are wacked out right now so posting assignments and events have been on a hit or miss. This is a list to help you find a way to stay on track while online classes are still trying to figure themselves out.

  1. Get a planner

    1. This is one I needed day 1. A planner is a small journal-like book that has dates like a calendar ready for you to put everything you are told to do and be in into it. Personally, a lot of my events like assignments and tests are being said in class but aren’t put anywhere on the school website. This was how it was previously, so for me this is necessary so I am not missing anything.

  1. Ask your teacher

    1. This is a broad one, it is just to ask your teacher for any clarification for the schedule, they will most likely help. I asked my teacher after every class if I missed anything just so I am not missing an assignment as my school made it more strict with grading even though everything is online.

  1. Grading

    1. This is a topic you need to discuss with your teacher and maybe even the principal. For me, it was unfair with how they were grading tests and we got the teacher to lower the test grade percentage because tests online have no educational value because it is insanely easy for anyone to cheat. So instead we made class work the main grade percentage to keep everyone involved and active in class.

  1. Safety

    1. This is for the people in school physically. To stay the safest, be mindful of others, keep a mask on and a backup because they might get sweaty in this hot weather, and sanitizer. Clean your hands always after the interaction and its best to take a shower after school to get anything you can’t clean with sanitizer. As for friends as long as you guys do these things being with friend groups isn’t that big of a problem as the media will let you know, just keep it sanitary.

If I am honest, this senior year for me is a huge bummer. I have high hopes to return to the in-person class as I feel as though education has gone downhill completely because of digital learning. I wish I could be with my friends more but this is all a time where we need to put forth the better of health than a risky hangout.


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