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Fires Burning the Bay Area

For the past few days, the Bay Area has been under fires and smoke stretching miles. The fires are coming from forests and nearby rivers called Hennessy, Austin Creek, Deer, Gamble, and Marsh. I pray for the families deeply affected by the fires.

With that being said for those who are living in SF I want to give some guidance of how to avoid the smoke and fires.

  1. Don’t Go Out - If you don’t need to go out, don’t. It’s better to just stay home and avoid the smoke altogether.

  2. Close Windows - Avoid Ash

  3. Wear a Mask - This is for COVID too but they also really help with not breathing in the smoke and ash.

  4. Avoid the Fires - Look at a map of where the fires are and if you do go out avoid them as much as possible.

That is all and to be specific about the mask, wear a gas one as well as a normal cloth/regular mask underneath. Gas masks help with truly filtering the air around you but the problem is it doesn’t filter the air you breathe out so others around you are perceptible to COVID if you are a carrier.

I want to as well as acknowledge those affected. Schools, businesses, and even neighborhoods around the fires that had to be evacuated. Thankfully only 2 people have been injured, but around 20 structures have been destroyed. The wildfires are spreading as well as in more than one place. As far as up to Sacramento and close to Oakland. Be safe and be mindful of the Earth around you.


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