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Music at the Moment - Chillin’ Out

A big part of life, I feel, is letting go of what doesn’t matter and setting aside time to just relax. I might relax a little too much but the point is when you are trying to relax you might turn on some music to get the vibe going. So what kind of artist should you put on? Of course, it is subjective to what your kind of chill music is but I think we can all agree on some key artists who get it right.

  1. Tame Impala

    1. My god, it has been the millionth time I have referred to Tame but I can’t recommend it enough. Lonerism and Currents nail the chill vibe completely. The Slow Rush is also perfect for chilling out because of the reason for the music and the melody that encapsulates almost all of Tame Impala’s music.

  1. A whole lot of ’90s rap

    1. I’m throwing a curveball but this is what I grew up on with parents who grew up in the ‘90s. Now, who I am referring to is rappers like Ice Cube, Nas, Wutang, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Mos Def, and a lot more. And if you want to get local with some RBL Posse, E-40, and Mac Dre. These are just scratching the surface and I recommend going on Youtube and just letting songs play and you will go down a rabbit hole of ‘90s rap and hip hop.

  1. Tyler the Creator

    1. Tyler the Creator in his recent albums, specifically IGOR and Flower Boy I feel are so chill its beautiful. Same with ‘90s rap you can get stuck in his lyrics about love and where it leads. IGOR and Flower Boy are love letters if you listen close enough and Tyler provides that feeling perfectly in his beats.

  1. Shiloh Dynasty

    1. Many, and I mean many, artists have sampled 6 second clips of Shiloh singing to make amazing tracks. The melody and the voice of Shiloh go perfectly together with drum beats. I recommend songs like Sorry by Swell and Losing Interest by itssvd. Now This is roaming into a previous list I made about hoodie days but I think that some of the beats behind Shiloh can be uplifting and chill.

  1. your best friend jippy

    1. Just a bit of jippy makes a day a lot better for me. Something of his beat tracks are just so reminiscent of days as a child. I love it and I wish more people knew and could appreciate his music. You might already with his beats reaching to new artists who sample his music. Jippy is a musician who makes beat tracks, basically huge albums with minute long songs that are made to be sampled for another artist. But I believe he does it so well that it is its own song. I recommend beat tape 29, 23, and 16. These are some key introductions and might lead you to listen to more of his music.

  1. Bob Marley and Reggae

    1. Many people I talk to about Bob Marley know of him but never listened to his music. I highly suggest listening to all of his tracks as they were created with love and best intentions of peace. Once you listen to him and if you love his music you might want more reggae so I suggest looking for related artists, even his son Damian.

I hope you find an artist or genre you like from this. Keep chillin’.


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