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Music at the Moment - Music Recommendations

Given the long quarantine, I have been listening to a ton of music on my off time. Because of this, I got a ton of new genres under my belt and I think I can recommend a few that you probably haven’t heard of or tried to listen to.

  1. DJ Qbert

Around the 80s and 90s, the growth in underground hip-hop and garage bands was on the rise. Along with the ever-growing tie with skateboarding the underground music scene was boomin’ and bangin’. DJ Qbert is an awesome introduction to the whole underground hip-hop of the 90s. A ton of music and audio clip mixing and almost all of his albums just being straight mixtapes. A lot of the genre has to deal with that bumpin’ deep bass and some random audio clips, some from Star Wars, or even a commercial about a car. What makes the mixes good is the mixing itself, the blend of repetition and original beats are the special and great thing of the underground 90s.

  1. Beastie Boys

Following the last entry, Beastie Boys is such an iconic underground entrepreneur. They essentially created the blend of hip hop and garage band rock. Their earlier albums are mostly rock and garage band sounds but later they really experimented and perfected the rap and hip hop aspects that created the best underground sound. They are a perfect introduction to underground punk rock and underground hip hop as a whole.

  1. Underground

This is a genre, not an artist. Cultivation of the rebellion of conformity. Its growth through the streets, skating, graffiti, and downright ill rebellion is the best way to explain this art. It slowly died in the 2000s but is making a comeback with a few artists reviving the art. The problem is for beginners in finding underground is pretty hard, but I got a few tips. Such as searching up preexisting playlists, or even just browsing many and I mean many artists on Soundcloud. It’s a journey but one that rewards the listener with a cult of fans and new music that can be shared with more and more. Soundcloud gets a lot of hate but I think it’s a great platform for finding unknown artists.

This was a shortlist but a lot to take in if you follow the journey to find some new music on Soundcloud. Start off with the 2 artists I listed but continue to find some more new ones and soon enough you’ll have a huge library of great mixing.

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