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Music At The Moment - Under-Appreciated Rappers

Just about all my music reviews so far have been about relatively popular and well-known artists. This review is about the lowkey unknown artists that I believe should have more credit given.

  1. Derek King

    1. This guy came from Antioch with a vibe I can’t explain. Mostly “romance” songs, or just dance songs. I recommend listening to his music though as he has the potential to be the next big thing. He got a great voice and makes every song he on a mood song. I am sure you have heard the song Tetris on the radio but that isn’t the only song that he offers with the same intensity. He gets only a view thousand views and less publicity but his music is that of Chris Brown even or Luh Kel.

  1. Guwop Reign

    1. A few of my friends showed me TikToks of this guy’s music but didn’t really pay him a visit on Spotify. He gets a few thousand views but TikTok is giving him his due attention. Every song he releases, and I mean every song he got is a banger its crazy how consistent he is. I get Melly vibes and Internet Money moods from his music, he got awesome rhymes and rhythm. Definitely check him out, he only has like 8 songs and each of them slaps.

  1. Justin Rarri

    1. Justin came out with his debut album that took us all to school. His rhymes and combination of beats are great. You get Memphis, West Coast, and Trap beats from him. Not top mention rhymes are perfect for each of his songs. He is not as unknown as the previous artists but none of my friends know about his music which is a shame.

  1. 30 Deep Grimeyy

    1. He just came out with his first album and it goes hard. He comes from St. Louis and from not much money. This is crazy as he got big names on his album, Choppa, Lil Baby, and more for his DEBUT album. Not to compare but to relate, big people on your first album his huge hype, just like Nas’ first album having huge names all over.

I respect the grind for these rappers trying to make it. I hope they do because they have more than enough talent and music there for them to truly blow up. Maybe some other time I’ll cover other unknown artists.


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