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My end of the year thoughts

I can't believe it's almost the end of 2020 and I have not been keeping up with the time and the dates. The last time I kept up with times and dates was my college work from my university which is crazy. Time doesn't exist during this pandemic era but i've learned a lot of things about myself these past struggling months. I’ve learned that time has not been the same since during the pandemic. It's crazy to think that the pandemic has shaped our way of thinking. Beginning of the month since during the pandemic I took things for granted but I did utilize what I needed during those months from what I was able to do pre pandemic. I worked out a lot and I was pretty much trying to connect with my peers at the time. It's crazy how in those span of 3 months were my moments of freedom of Interacting with a lot of people.

During this pandemic I realized that I was an Ambivert. I get my energy mostly from interacting and being introverted. During the summer months I thought so deeply about my actions after finishing a rigorous class that traumatized me during my Junior year of Highschool. The class was brutal and I hated chemistry till the end of time. I was stressing out 24/7 In school that when the pandemic hit unfortunately I Focused my attention on Chemistry and just prioritized on getting a decent grade in the class. I really didn't mind getting a B in the class. Unfortunately with focusing so much on my class work.

I didn't really focus on my health. During the pandemic i Gained almost about 20 lbs. It was very surprising because I didn't know what happened. I used to be very active as well. Somehow that all changed during the pandemic sadly. I miss the times where I was not 15 + pounds of my weight. It made me realize my strength and weakness around these times and what I like and what not. During these whole years however I have been trying out new things that are new to me. This year I have been exploring new things like music. At the moment I have been dabbling in music genres like rap, lofi and soul which is something I never really explored deeper until this year. I wish there are other things like hanging out with friends and stuff however with the pandemic that has been proven impossible.

Sadly I was not able to meet my friend during the pandemic so we just often call each other. Oftentimes I just go through my phone and watch things online in youtube about what content is entertaining. I feel like there's really nothing to do much in youtube because If you see one content it feels like you already have gone through contents that are pretty much similar to it. I get bored really easily and I lose interest in whatever is in front of me. But as 2020 ends this year I want to finish a goal that I was working on and start making progress from there hopefully. I would love to be able to make some progress finally. It will take a while to get there I know. I think it's a perfect time to set goals that can be very beneficial to you.

This pandemic will really be helpful to do these things because It solely makes you focus on what you want to do or have a plan for doing. It makes you really commit to what you want to try and change and accomplish those goals. My goal is to start cutting down on fat and hopefully I can finally see progress on my weight. I want to do this because I think it's time I do something about my weight finally. For many people it's easy for them to lose weight with the right nutrition and stuff however there are people who are struggling just like me. But that's the process of learning these skills so in the future it can really help. Thats pretty much it.


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