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  • Jesus Arambula


Science fiction has introduced us to many exciting technologies that we currently use today. Many years ago, it would have been crazy to have a tiny computer everywhere you go, but now that seems like a daily need for all of us. Thanks to our hard-working engineers and developers, we can now use those advanced technologies that we would see only in movies in our natural world today. However, there is some tech in science fiction that is somewhat questionable. One of these technologies is converting humans into computers… which for the most part it doesn't bode well for many people.

Neuralink is one of Elon Musk's many tech companies, like Tesla and SpaceX. This company first began in 2016 but hasn't seen much progress since then, until now. Where Tesla and SpaceX have been making advancements in-vehicle technology and space exploration, respectively, Neuralink has been making progress in their artificial intelligence chip since the years it's been active. Neuralink is coming up with a revolutionary chip that can help many people with significant incapacitations. But what the heck does this AI chip even do?

According to the newly renamed Tesla's technoking Elon Musk, this chip is meant to restore people's spinal issues. This includes incapacitated people, like those who can't use their arms or legs, or both! This AI chip would be implanted in a human's neural network and be the first chip implant for medical purposes. The Tesla technoking also mentioned that this chip would be available for implants by next year. The chip, however, is not approved by the FDA yet, but Musk is sure that their chip will be approved due to the chip's benchmarks. Musk stated in the CEO Council COnference, ""Our standards for implanting the device are higher than what the FDA requires. I think we have a chance with Neuralink to restore full-body functionality to someone who has a spinal cord injury." It is still unclear whether this chip will be connected to the internet, and if it is, it would potentially be a big issue. Why is this a problem?

Any device connected to the internet involves new vulnerabilities and could be even more dangerous now that this device is connected to your body. This is because many appliances connected to the internet are at significant risk of being hacked by malicious users on the web. Many hackers have even gone through hacking smart fridges and gained access to the victim's WiFi network through that vulnerability. If hacking a refrigerator connected to the internet can be harmful to a person's network, imagine what kind of damage a chip implanted in a person's body can do to them if a malicious user happens to gain access to their body.

But what do you think about this new revolutionary technology? Do you believe this chip has the potential to help people? Or will it do more harm than good? What about the chip connected to the internet? Do you think the FDA will approve of this?


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