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  • Anabel Fielding

New Experimental Drug

This new experimental drug saved many people from getting infected with COVID-19. Many of these people could have just been sent to the hospital if they had been infected with the virus. The study that came out Friday sent a promise that COVID 19 can be treated with a pill.

This pill is called the antiviral drug molnupiravir made by Merck and Co. and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics of Miami. These pills were given to 385 people within the first five days of being diagnosed with the virus. Then, 377 more people were tested with COVID 19, and they were given a placebo. According to USA Today, "All the participants had at least one risk factor for severe COVID-19. They were either over 60 or had diabetes, obesity or heart disease, the companies said." According to the study, 28 or 7.3% of the participants were hospitalized during the month-long trial. Of those given the placebo, 53 people or 14% were hospitalized, and eight died.

The trial was supposed to add another 750 participants. Still, the independent monitoring board decided that the drug was effective, making it so that it would be unethical to give anyone a placebo.

"In June, the Biden Administration allocated $3.2 billion toward the development of an antiviral, saying that the drugs would be a crucial part of the fight against the virus." Antiviral drugs keep a virus from replicating


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