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Nier Automata is probably the most breathtaking game

Nier Automata is probably the most breathtaking game that should have gotten a lot of awards as the Game of the year. However This isn't just a normal JRPG game that focuses on hack and slash animation style. The Beauty of this game comes from its complexity of human philosophy and even challenging these human philosophies to their core. Nier autamata focuses on the game and it's lore. The lore indicates that the time period has been 1000 years and humanity has fled to the moon since the aliens were taking inhabitant. Humans made android machines that go to earth to battle the aliens. It seems very simple enough to understand these narratives as we play 2B. She is one of the main protagonists in the game that seeks to find glory to mankind, she's also an android.

As we go about the game Nier Automata it challenges human principles and tackles humanity as its core as we battle machines that are different from the androids and are seeking life on earth. When we get into the Amusement park, there's a boss that has murdered androids to be beautiful so the machine that created her would glance at her direction. The opera boss evokes emotion to love though machines are not to feel emotional complexity.

They are machines that are there inhabiting earth. As we progress in the game “these machines” replicates every possible human actions such as fornication, killing, poetry, comedy and hysteria. This is true from the village of machines where Pascal is (a machine who isn't hostile) social functions are similar to human life in society. These machines that we defeat are different from us? Even if they don't like the androids that are made by humans. This brings a new meaning to what our enemy is. These machines have replicated human actions, emotions and social rules. Are they different from us? This game makes you question who the real enemy is.

I think the game definitely deserved the praise that it gets because not only does it have a complex storyline but interesting characters as well like 2B, 9S and A2 as well as devola and popola who are programmed to feel guilt based on the story line before Nier automata took place. Nier Replicant is the series before the Nier Automata took place. From my understanding Nier replicant focuses on saving humanity and failed due to flower disease called the intoner from the previous game in Drakengard 3 that originated from zero.

She suffered a lot of abuse before dying and tried to commit scuide many times but failed as she died there would be copies of her as a fail safe of the flower. She gave birth to her sisters that are called one, two, three,four, and five. These sisters are given power by the intoner and become divine beings though their fate is to destroy humanity and zero must save humanity. Nier is a complex plot line that has multiple layers of the story in the game Which the game has more in depth dating from previous series of Nier. it is a great game that focuses a lot on its lore and deserves much of its praise.


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