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Niners vs Rams SWEEEEP!!!

Last Sunday I think we all witnessed, whoever watched football, a great return performance for the 49ers. It was an amazing display of skill and determination in all our players. Though we are still missing 25 players and 6 in COVID reserve, I think we all were happy with the results from the active players.

First off I want to talk about the defense. The defense was lock down even more than Santa Clara closing its stadium to the home team. The Rams, the division leading team, the West Coast leading wins, had not one touchdown. On a team filled with bench and backups. Not to mention the return of our boy Richard Sherman absolutely dominating in a perfect zone man coverage. People didn’t believe in his ability to stay consistent in man to man and the current niner playbook but he was phenomenal. Jimmy Ward, Warner, and so many more played great for 2 interceptions and many forced fumbles.

Next is the O-Line. They were so beautiful, Trent pushing it and creating so much space for Mullens. Juszczyk was especially good blocking and tanking Aaron Donald. Aaron Donald was not a problem again, he remained shoved back and dancing around the crowd of linebackers we had. People say that he still had an impact as taking space and attention, but that is granted in any player on the field. He did nothing and that remains a fact 4 times in a row.

Our offense, I do want to say it was great and superbowl contending status but it wasn’t. It was average, we don’t have any great passing plays or players as they are all on IR. But our running game is stupidly great that it doesn’t even matter. Deebo and Mostert owned this game. They did not care for any contact they knew that they had to get to the touchdown like it was their last play of their careers. Mullens was very good, keeping space, and getting the ball out quick enough to make a play, mostly shotgun and play actions.

I love our team, I can’t wait to see more of our injured players come back and absolutely dominate. Always Faithful and DEEBO COMIN’ ATCHA.


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