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Orange Skies

Recently I made an article about the blood moon the Bay experienced. Now, it comes that the day right after the world witnessed odd events. Within the Bay, the sky was orange. Bright orange on a seemingly normal cloudy day. The real story is that the current California fires have blown their smoke covering San Francisco and a lot of other cities along California. Because of the smoke, the Sun was blocked and the ash distorted and refracted the light causing it to look yellow and orange. It started and made the Bay look like something out of a movie or Black Ops game. It was early Halloween and not to mention the piles of ash on the streets and cars.

People affected this was everyone that had an outdoor job, not to mention getting to work was a struggle because the smoke was so heavy it acted like a fog screen. And the clean up will be a big problem with sidewalks, roofs, cars, and backyards being covered in ash. So far the city hasn’t sent anything of any specific place to put ash as they will come out in bags. As I mentioned before other cities were affected too, like LA being blacked out. I pray for all the people that were physically affected and I hope for solutions to be released soon.


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