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  • Jesus Arambula

Panic! at the Airlines

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During the pandemic, we have seen passengers on different commercial airlines getting enraged by the people around them. Often, it’s the enraged passengers themselves who are causing all of the commotions, and they were wrong at the time. During many of these scenarios, some other passengers intervened to calm down the scene. Well, this time, even the pilot had to step in to calm down a rowdy passenger. A few days ago, a passenger became very aggressive mid-way through the flight, threatening other passengers with hurting them.

It’s unclear what the reason was for the passenger’s aggressive behaviour. Still, other passengers were trying to calm this person down. This passenger started with kicking other passenger seats, shouting at various women passengers, and even threatening to hurt people with a pen. On the same flight, an off-duty security guard was travelling for the first time on an airplane. Unfortunately, his first-time experience was ruined by this passenger, and many people asked if he could intervene and calm the situation down, but the security guard declined.

However, a few minutes later, the unruly passenger threatened to open the airplane door. At that point, the security guard intervened and stopped the aggressive passenger. The guard tackled the passenger on the ground and restrained him on one of the passenger seats.

During the confrontation, even the plane pilot had to leave the cabin and step in to calm down the passengers on the plane. Eventually, the situation died down, and everything went back as scheduled. It’s still unsure what happened to that aggressive passenger after the flight.

But this isn’t the first time a passenger has threatened people on board. A few months ago, a passenger on a different airline threatened one of the flight attendants with hurting them through doxing. For those not familiar, doxing is when you release personal information about a person for everyone to see. This is mainly to encourage people who are dangerous enough to hurt the person. The passenger told the flight attendant that they would find their address, social security number, etc. They didn’t say what they would do with that information, but it was a way of threatening to hurt the attendant.

What do you think about this confrontation? Why do you think the passenger became rowdy? What would you have done in this situation?


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