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  • Ricksel Penullar

People Want GTA 7?!

GTA 6 has been confirmed. Rockstar finally says it is in development. After many years has confirmed its working on a new Grand Theft Auto game and said that it is "well underway" Indeed, the new game is going to be called GTA 5, it was in development back in 2020, but it was in a long way from release, further reports pegged the game arrive somewhere in 2024 or 2025. For the game itself, Rockstar is not commenting on the matter or commenting when it will say more about the game. Previous reports have said the initial version of GTA 6 could be smaller than GTA 5, with updates to build over time. Other reports have said the game will return to Miami-inspired vice city. Last year Rockstar patented a new system for NPC navigation which some belief will be used in the next GTA. The system is designed to make a more realistic behavior, creating more life-like road users while making it useful for multi-players and paint somewhat accurate. Rockstar on Twitter has announced their GTA 6 Development as years of demand by fans. However, fans of the genre seemed to be displeased about their announcement and demand GTA 7 already despite GTA 6 being in development. Fans of the genre are heavily frustrated, and rightfully so because they have been anticipating GTA 6 for a long time since GTA 5 was released. However, other games have already been constantly changing and improving their mechanics as time goes on. With new introductions to their series and complex plot lines, fans feel underwhelmed by the release and disappointed. Other fans of Rockstar are disappointed because they are neglecting their other titles, like Red Dead, which fans wanted more of an update or some development with the title. Red Dead community Fans believe the Rockstar company has abandoned the project or forgotten about it. Currently, a trend on Twitter is people showing support for Red dead by using #SaveRedDeadOnline. However, it has not reached a word to the games devs due to unfortunate circumstances. With nine studios and over +2000 employees, Rockstar does not seem like it can get the job to update Red Dead Online or get a new installation for GTA.


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