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  • Ricksel Penullar

Pokemon Legend OF Arceus

Pokemon Legends of Arceus Has been officially released globally. The main series of pokemon games have been strictly turned-based RPG following a young protagonist on a quest to become a powerful pokemon trainer. Each successive match has layered on a slate of new Pokemon to wrangle. There are many and varied reasons why people come clamoring back to pokemon year after year, but perhaps at the heart of it is the enjoyment derived from collecting a veritable army of exciting monsters. Customizing and bonding with a specific team of powerful ones and overcoming increasingly tricky challenges alongside them. In that regard, Legends: Arceus is still the Pokemon we know and love. Legends of Arceus reimagines how you capture and battle Pokemon. This new mechanic is entirely improved and different from the franchise. You could, for instance, toss a Pokeball right away for a capture attempt or send out your Pokemon for a battle or play safer like berries to distract them. Some Pokemon will flee the second they see you, requiring you to stealthily hide in the tall grass to get a good shot in. Others might attack you directly by your actual character, not your Pokemon. You'll have to dodge roll or take a hit to your limited health banner. Granted, this doesn't seem like a radical idea if you've ever played an action game but, for Pokemon RPG, this level of real-time action is a welcome change that properly casts Pokemon as the actual dangerous critters they are. Many legends are tied with this army: Arceus more impressive touches, specifically in how wild Pokemon react to you or simply exist. In the world as actual creatures with distinctive behavioral quirks. Battling in Pokemon has received an overhaul that adds a new strategic layer to most noticeably with solid and agile. If you've played Bravely default, it would be a similar experience to that. Overall, Pokemon Legend of Arceus is a refreshing new setting for the pokemon Genre! If you want to look forward and feel nostalgic while playing a new pokemon game and relive your childhood! This game would be for you, and I think it's a great addition!


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