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Pop News for today in music! If you are living under a rock, then good news, I have some information to share with you! As you may know, the emerging artist who had a breakthrough last year is Doja cat! She is #2 among the most streamed female artists on Spotify, along with #1 Taylor Swift, #3 Marilla Meal and #4 Adele, which is impressive! Not only has she earned one of the highest stream artists, but also Rico Nasty was disrespectfully booed on stage chanting Carti to perform, saying, "They don't deserve to be witnessing my b*** bunch of f***** low life ass B***." It's cool having Doja cat standing up for fellow artists and her friends! No artist should ever be disrespected like that! Coming up to the news, Chole Bailey teases a new song called to worry about me, and it sounds so melodic! I cannot wait for her to release her upcoming music soon! The following forthcoming news is that Dolly Parton earns her title as one of the artists not hated by many people, including Princess Diana, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, and Anna Farris. Also, if you haven't been keeping up for the past few days, Taylors Red Version has just been released today! Want to live through the Nostalgia of that Era? You still can! Taylors Red version has songs not in the official Album that are now included, giving the album new life!

In Other News, Luhan and Xiaotang are getting married! Chinese idol and Former Exo Member luhan is reportedly getting married in 2022. According to various local and Chinese news Outlets, the singer will finally settle with an actress called Guan Xiaotong, who he has been dating since 2017. It is pretty amazing to see Kpop artists open to their relationship, considering how strict the Kpop industry is! Allegedly the two have confirmed their wedding date, which will be on February 22 in 2022. The date was reportedly decided by Luhansk "Family and notified by GuanXiaoTong's Family. It is said that the female Actress did not provide any particular opinions on the daughter's marriage as it had already been agreed upon.

"Eternals" will keep its crown at the domestic box office, as the Marvel entry is projected to repeat as No. 1 with an estimated $27 million gross in its second weekend.


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