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  • Jesus Arambula

Prepared For Trouble, Make It Double

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With the rise of the delta variant, many people are rushing to get their vaccines and be more prepared and safe from the virus. However, some states and cities have taken it further by being even more strict regarding masks. One of these cities is Philadelphia, whose mayor ordered that all city personnel either get vaccinated or wear double masks.

That's right! By Sept. 1, all city employees must either be vaccinated or be double-masked, wearing a cloth mask plus a disposable surgical mask on top. "We are committed to keeping our employees safe from severe COVID infection and death," mayor Jim Kenny of Philadelphia tweeted on Wednesday, Aug. 11. "Today, we announced beginning Sept. 1, all @PhiladelphiaGov employees must be fully vaccinated, or they will be required to double-mask when working in enclosed spaces." This order came from the same day the mayor also ordered a citywide mask mandate for customers at indoor establishments and outdoor gatherings, extending 1,000 people who do not require vaccination proof. This may seem a little weird, wearing double masks to prevent the further contagious spread of the virus. But does this dual mask theory even work?

Earlier this same year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an experiment to test just that: does wearing a double mask decrease exposure. Surprisingly, yes! The CDC simulated respiratory breaths and placed a cloth mask below a surgical mask and showed that this decreased infectious aerosol exposure by a whopping 95%. "The science is clear: these measures will protect Philadelphians and save lives," mayor Kenny tweeted that same day. "We also strongly urge everyone who has not yet received the vaccine to get it immediately." Many people are probably tired of wearing a mask, but with the rise of the delta variant, now it's more important to stay safe than ever. According to statistics from FoxNews, "The Philadelphia Department of Public Health on Friday recorded 336 new cases of COVID-19 and a 6% positivity rate. More than 60% of the city's population is fully vaccinated, and nearly 80% are partially vaccinated."

Stay safe, people!


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