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Music at the Moment

Exploring new music? Well, I am always looking for music to fit the mood at that moment. This music review will include music that encapsulates the true feeling of an artist’s sadness. Whether it is sadness or not it helps to feel a relation to others’ feelings and the best way is through music. So these are hoodie day tracks and albums from Juice WRLD, Tyler the Creator, X, and many more I will list below.

Amen - Rich Brian

To be completely honest I feel this is a fantastic album where Brian showed off his potential as a rapper and singer. The album is about a breakup he had relatively before his fame. Cold, See Me, and Introvert ft. Joji all are a reflection for Brian explaining how he is growing up and moving on from the past. More specifically the breakup is center stage in his song Glow Like Dat.


Just Joji. He is absolutely the king of hoodie days. I am saying him as an artist because almost all of his songs are all about his feelings and a personal note to him. His album In Tongues is his introduction as an artist signed by 88 Rising and features great tracks like Demons, Will He, and Window. More songs recently like Yeah Right and Run are beautiful in the way he manipulates his voice and the bass. Many many people were introduced to him from his big hit SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK, which is a culmination of his experience in breaking loose of toxic ties.

Lucid Dreams & All Girls Are The Same - Juice WRLD

It’s crazy that after so many years I still love his songs no matter how many listens. These 2 songs are again about a breakup. Juice gave many people a voice in the feeling of longing and yearning for someone you thought you loved. Spoke to me and many of my friends growing up in the 8th grade. If you haven’t heard these songs I really doubt it. And it feels more surreal since the passing of Juice. RIP 999


X in his last years to many people seemed to change from a wild riot guy to a sad suicidal public figure. But for me, I saw his last years of him remedying his sins through outputting his deepest saddest and darkest fears and regrets. Whether that be from the death of a close friend or accusations of rape he dedicated himself to true intentions. His music reflects this in his music coming from 17 and ?. I recommend highly to listen to his tracks featuring Shiloh Dynasty where he is in a duet with Shiloh. And a pure feeling of sadness in sound is Teeth. The lyrics are about X needing rescuing with a past lover. RIP X

IGOR & Floweboy - Tyler the Creator

Tyler has been a fascinating being his entire life as a funny as hell guy. I mean it watch some of his clips on Loiter Squad and it is genuinely hilarious. What I can also recommend is for you to fully listen to IGOR. Start to finish. Lights off speakers, headphones, whatever you need. It was his wish and it is THE way to sit adrift in his feeling of coming out. IGOR is Tyler’s way of coming out and I congratulate him. Similarly, Flowreboy is about Tyler secretly being very insecure about the way people perceive him being gay and him being stuck watching someone he loves being loved by another. See You Again is a fantastic representation of this and he lyrically speaks the truth. Boredom is also just a BUMP.

Someone I spoke of shortly was Shiloh Dynasty. The internet ghost who came dropped bombs of true raw vibe music and left. Many and I mean many of the songs sampled by other artists are a bump like Sorry - Swell and Losing Interest - itssvd. I recommend those and their collection on IG: @shilohdynasty. And that’s my top list I hope you found some music you now like or explore a new experience. Personally, this was my playlist for the start of quarantine loneliness. Vibe wit it and bump out.


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