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  • Ricksel Penullar

San Francisco Housing Plans

San Francisco, known to be the home of Giant tech corporations and the golden gate bridge, has a grand housing plan development in 2022; the cities colossal multi-phased projects like the ones at treasure island, mission rock, pier 70, and power station will steam full speed ahead. Streets are being laid out. Sidewalks poured, trees planted, street lights installed, and buildings spoutings from the ground. Nowhere is more apparent than Treasure Island, where after 20 years of planning, the first residents will move into the new buildings on both the main island. On treasure island swords to plowshares and china community development center will debut the 104- unit Macep may apartments late in the year Apartments that will house some formerly homeless veterans. However, creating the 8,000 unit neighborhood on the 400-acre island will only accelerate after the first two buildings open. A new ferry terminal will open in January, offering residents a 5-minute cruise across the bay to the ferry building. At Mission rock, Across AT and T Park, Tishman spreyer and San Francisco Giants a rapidly transforming an 11- acre surface parking lot with three new buildings, one residential, one biotech, and one slated to be Visas new corporate Headquarters.

Construction started in December 2020 on the first two buildings, Visa's corporate headquarters and building A. In 2022 work will start on a fourth building, a 255 unit apartment complex designed by a Studio gang. This year the city is on track to open about 4,500 units, most of which started construction prior to the pandemic. Another estimated 5,800 units are under construction. Meanwhile, housing development battles continue to rage at city hall. The San Francisco board of supervisors recently made national news for rejecting over 800 housing units proposed for the Tenderloins and south of Market. In response to that, Mayor London has introduced a charter amendment that would allow some code-compliant projects to bypass the city's famously tricky approval process. Most of which will wrap up in 2022 or 2023. Working people everywhere in San Francisco have been suffering from limited housing for many decades. Even with the progress on moving large projects forward, there are fundamental changes to approve and permit housing in San Francisco, so potentially, families can stay here.


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