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San Francisco Problems

The housing crisis is a huge problem in San Francisco, It doesn't take a tourist, a foreigner or a genius to figure out the problems that we San Franciscans face. In the midst of our city that is booming by tech companies and other Industrial means that takes over San Francisco. Innovation In technology is good mainly it is used to improve our quality life however there are downsides to these problems that we face In the grand scheme of things quality of life might be good since arrangements and traveling to a certain distance is rather easy. However Unexpected conditions with the tech boom that went with these issues is that unexpected high prices start to manifest. Making Affordability of Housing in San Francisco a Huge issue. Why is that? It's because the people who are working in the tech industry are moving into San Francisco City. Most of them could potentially be In silicon Valley.

We know San Francisco promotes a lot in marketing, business, Tech opportunities and construction. The problem with that is not a lot of other opportunities are pushed out in this city. It discourages changes in the city and evidently promotes only one niche for other people to follow. Tech can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. It's like a double sword. With social media you can have a lot of access to a lot of information at the touch of your fingertips but that comes at the expense of your sanity, time and eventually health.

Many people are obsessed with their phones nowadays even spending almost 8 hours of content in their phones in real life. Most of the time we sleep and we do other things. However with phones it has been increasingly clear that many of us are just sitting and doing nothing. Obesity has gone up over the last decades and it's still expected to go up. How does tie in with San Fransisco you may ask? Well the thing with San Francisco is that most of us in this city are barely meeting the thresholds of income. If you have 100k as income that's still considered poor in this city due to the demand of living in the city. A City apartment in the city is around 2-3k dollars at most. You are lucky to even find somewhere as low as 1.5k as a reasonable price.

If you ask me about my opinions around the city, well there's not much to go about. 8 years staying around the city, I have seen it all. It's no more a surprise to me. A Lot of homeless people are downtown. Well Majority of the homeless population live downtown but some homeless are everywhere around every block of the streets. Not only that but there is poop everywhere. I'm not even exaggerating at this point. There is poop that is either made by animals or humans. I can't really tell. Needles are everywhere in the streets and it's causing huge issues. I want to say I love the city but there's nothing much to go about. Maybe the inclusivity and diversity of the place is nice but long term wise I don't see myself living in this city for a long time due to high rent prices. Making it impossible. Houses are a nightmare to even begin with because paying the mortgage would just be too much to handle. San Francisco can be a nice city but that has been a decade, and a lot of things have changed. Scenery for me is watching different colored houses on the bus. However the only good thing about this city is that There coffee places everywhere.


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