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San Francisco Safety Plans

Tourism has increased in San Francisco, city officials have started a new community policing and deployment plan on Monday. Mayor London Breed and San Francisco's Police held a press conference to give details due to the rise of crime Rates such as car break-ins and violent attacks. Breed, our mayor of the City, has stated that Violent attacks are persistent wherever areas you go in the City. Our mayor has been working to put these resources in the right places to prevent increasing crime rates from happening. She has announced that the City is implementing a new tourist deployment plant that will provide more policing in tourist destinations around SF like China, Alamo Square, and the Palace of Fine Arts. "She has stated that she wants to make sure that the community is safe and holds more people accountable for their actions. They have partnered with UC Berkeley, California. They did some research, and it showed that the police deployment went down across the board in those areas. Aggravated assaults went down. Chief Scott's estimated officers want to see more officers patrolling; however, they are 400 officers short in terms of what they want to be. San Francisco Police has about 1,750 police officers. They estimate that Police officers are added around 400 to the current state of policing based on the budget. Though inference says that with the budget and funding from the Police, these numbers are unlikely to shrink. The biggest issue that London Bridge may carry is that how a person cannot cause any person not to commit a crime, so they are working with the District attorney to address that issue. People have noted that the DA should be able to do something about this issue. People have criticized the DA for not being lenient. The DA has responded that they worked alongside the police and law enforcement partners every day to prevent recidivism and hold people accountable. Fisherman's wharf is struggling to attract tourists as there's more tourism. The City has an estimated 15 million visits this year, vowing to protect them and their residents.


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