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Self-care and Self-growth by Anabel Fielding

The first important thing I have learned in my life is how to take care of myself. The second most valuable thing to me was how to grow in my life. Although I have gone through many social and emotional challenges throughout my childhood, I have learned that self-care and self-growth are the most beneficial to live happily. When you are going through a hard time in life, remember that the things that happen in your life are only temporary. From experience, I have found that the actions you made in your past do not define who you are today. My best suggestion to start loving yourself is to focus on the present moment. Also, I suggest you focus on yourself and not on other people. In life, you will meet good people and bad people. At the end of the day, you make the decisions that can create many changes for yourself. The question you may be wondering is how do I start having self-care and self-growth? Three different ways have helped me focus on myself and grow up. When you are failing to have self-care and self-growth you should focus on the present moment, never stop believing in faith, and be strong in everything you do.

One of the hardest things that I have faced is how to move on from the past. When you are stuck in the past you will never be able to focus on the present moment. Plus, if you don’t focus on the present moment you won’t learn how to grow. Every time you are feeling sad or upset over something that is bothering you, I suggest remembering where you are right now. Each person goes through a trauma in their life and they experience it in different ways. The best thing to do is to look at your surroundings and think about who you are today. I recommend going for a walk or meditating to find yourself more peace. Walking, meditation or Yoga helps calm most people down when they need to find a way to relax. Also, talk to a family member or a close friend about how you are feeling. Maybe they will give you some great advice on how to grow and move forward in your life. When I was younger I had a difficult time believing in myself. But, as I grew older I learned that without faith you cannot accomplish anything.

When I was at a low point in my life I felt no motivation to do anything. But, I found that if I just believed in myself I could accomplish everything. I transferred to a new school, I met new people and I started to love myself more. Although I still have bad days in my life I have never given up on myself. I have never stopped believing in the things I could do such as going to school, working, and spending quality time with my family. In my free time, I also have a lot of hobbies that occupy my time such as reading, writing, playing musical instruments, and playing sports.

When you are going through a rough time in your life remember to be strong in everything you do. When you have no motivation to put effort into what you are doing you won’t succeed. But, when you are strong and put motivation into your efforts there’s a better chance you will accomplish your tasks. The best way to stay strong is by having a positive mindset. If you are negative in your life you will only create more negativity in your life. But, having a positive mindset changes every aspect of your life. To get through whatever bad experience you are going through you must be strong because without strength you become weaker. When you have the strength you will accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

In conclusion, to gain self-care and self-growth you must focus on the present moment, never stop believing in faith, and be strong in everything you do. I assure you that although it is hard to keep going in life when challenges come your way it is worth it to keep these things in mind. Also, I hope you find these tips helpful when using self-care activities and self-growth strategies to continue living happily in your life.


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