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Should College be as expensive as It is now?

Everyone has their own opinions, and that's okay. It really is! Well I just graduated high school and I gots to say, finically, the adult world is none to play with. Im looking to go to a post graduate school this upcoming school year to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I play basketball and this is a huge reason behind my decision..despite me getting accepted to 20 plus colleges. Whats postgraduate education? Well I’ve gotten this question many times. In college you only get 4 years to play basketball. Unfortunately I am a late bloomer who honestly could benefit from a year of development. And that is where the program comes to action. You see.. I wont be in high school, but I also won't be in college. It’s like a fifth year of high school or a gap year, but not really since I'm still taking college classes. I'd be traveling from state to state competing against other post graduate schools that also are good competition. All without losing a year of college eligibility. This and reclassing is starting to become very common amongst young athletes especially basketball players. However, this option is far more expensive than reclassing. See, reclassing means you change your graduation date. So if I am scheduled to graduate in 2022 but I need a year of development I'd go to a new school (sometimes across the country) and change it to 2023. In California you only get a certain amount of semesters to compete, so there is no reclassing. What many do is move to a different state, most common is Florida, to reclassify at a different high school. This is far cheaper than going the postgraduate route because… well.. It's more of a college program and when is highschool ever cheaper than college, right.

Ok I never really saw where people were coming from when they made their arguments on whether or not college should be free, until now. Personally, I'm going to try to pay for my own schooling and given the fact that I have to work my butt off all summer in order to just go to school kinda upsets me. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for the things you want in life. I personally don't think all colleges should be free, because things need to get paid for. The college itself probably has to pay some type of electrical bills, new books, and lets not forget staff. HOWEVER I can vouch that I believe they shouldn’t be anywhere near expensive as they are. I feel like the out of state students pays the bills for the in state kids. To me, it just makes sense. Go to school in your home state so you can have less fees. Ok… now what about the kids who want a chance at a new life but cant pay the extra 30 + thousand? Oh I know.. we get loans, work harder for scholarships, or maybe we’ll just give up. Prices can scre people, because they are indeed scary. Especially when you don't know how to manage money. You know what doesnt make sense to me also? How they preach about getting jobs and going to college..but they dont really consider if your pockets can get you there


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