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Socially Distant Dates

Yes, it is I, the great love doctor. No, but I do have experience and I want to share that with you. This is about what someone can do to impress their significant other on a socially distant date. Loving others has gotten hard from COVID but don’t let that stop you from chillin’ out with your lover.

  1. Go on a ride

    1. This is one I have been personally doing this whole time. Whether it be taking her on a ride in your non-existent car or back seating it on your motorcycle or bike. Whatever you got to use it and take a ride around town. I suggest the mission as some stores are open right now. I mean you could even use one of the electric scooters all around the city littered in our gutters but make sure it is clean to use. Sanitation is key right now.

  2. Get a drive-by Popeye’s chicken sandwich and biscuit

    1. Shoutout to Popeye’s for keepin’ it crunchy. I don’t need to explain why Popeye’s is the superior chicken sandwich out there because it is. You don’t need to impress your boo by taking her on an exotic brunch whatever that is but instead to get with the vibe and buy her a sandwich and biscuit from Popeye’s and dip. They will love you simply for getting them a sandwich but the biscuit is the only way to seal the deal.

  3. Go to an open river

    1. This is one I do and it isn’t bad if you pretty much don’t touch the water and stay away from everyone there. I’m kidding but it really needs to be said please wear a mask and don’t be that dude that coughs in your hand. Rivers are dope to swim in or just dip your toes and chill out. A few places are the Russian River, Cache Creek, and many more.

  4. Porch vibe

    1. Again you don’t need to go all out on a quarantine date. Simply bugging out on their porch could be the play. All you got to do is get there. Reminder they have to be 6 feet away.

  5. Get tested

    1. Now, this is the play. And I don’t mean get tested for STD’s but you can do that too. I mean get tested for COVID and if you both negative that is the open door to have a bumping BBQ that others can only smell but never join. Steps are to get tested and then get a grill and have fun.

Okay so I have been joking, I know that going on a ride is a bad idea. So instead of that do anything else I listed. But for real a good idea is just to be safe and Facetime each other. Hold on for a safer time as COVID cases are always going up and down and to be completely safe for the health of them and yourself staying home is the best option for a date. Good luck with your romance adventures and stay safe.


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