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Song For The Day!

Salut tout le monde!!! I hope you are having a great day. I have been a fan of this artist since 2016, and for a while he stopped creating songs for three years. But with he released a new song on October 14th, 2021, and he made a remarkable comeback.

The artist is Stromae, and he is a Belgian musician, rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is known for his hip hop and electronic music. Some of his famous songs are 1) Alors on danse, 2) Papaoutai, 3) Tous les mêmes, 4) Carmen, et 5) Formidable. Which all have themes like an 1) existential crisis, 2) absent fathers, 3) the stereotypes that some women make about men, and some that men make about women, 4)the constant pull and false fronts of social media, and 5) the feelings of breaking up with a girlfriend. Some of his songs have subtitles as part of the music videos, and some don’t. But that doesn’t stop his listeners from vibing with his songs.

Santé is about celebrating our working-class people, like cooks, fishermen, and waitresses since they go through a lot of trouble serving people. It has a loping beat with a Portuguese guitar style. Many of the lines are catchy and easy to remember.

There is a line where I fell in love with, and it goes by;

“Oui, célébrons ceux qui n'célèbrent pas

Encore une fois, j'aimerais lever mon verre à ceux qui n'en ont pas”

It translates to,

“So how about we celebrate to those who can’t celebrate

For once, I'd like to raise my glass to those who don't have one”

One of the great things about being human is that if we find a song that we like even though we don’t what the lyrics are we would still listen to it. However, we have the internet on our side too, so we can also look up the meaning of the songs. So I highly recommend listening to more of Stromae, or listen to other international songs. You might find a lot of great songs.


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