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  • Donovan G.

Stay Safe this Halloween. Your Toy Guns Should Stay Home.

Photo Credit: AirsoftGI Facebook

With the season of the Hallowing upon us(within the next five days as of this publishing), everyone is preparing themselves for spooks and scares. Whether it’s from handcrafting Halloween themed decorations for your house or dressing up in a costume to go trick or treating, or just attending a house party and heavy drinking. It is imperative that everyone stays safe and does everything responsibly.

Most specifically, in the case of Halloween trick or treaters that have the bright idea of attempting to brandish prop weapons and firearms on their person during the evening. BB guns, or the correct terminology, Airsoft guns are false weapons that fire plastic balls known as ‘BBs’ are weapons that are more often than not, designed to look like their live-fire counterparts. Thus, they’re virtually indistinguishable at a glance, especially more so at night and in the distance.

Too often, have there been unfortunate incidents of situations gone from bad to worse regarding unsupervised children brandishing these false weapons in public, and generally before police officers. All of which could’ve simply been avoided by leaving the weapon at home. For an officer patrolling the street, whenever any threat has been identified to have a weapon, for safety reasons, they cannot assume that it’s a false weapon or else they will jeopardize their safety as well as those around them, which is why many situations that revolve around police confrontations with false firearms, someone ends up either critically injured or even dead.

For your safety and the safety of others, please DO NOT go out in public with an article or prop that heavily imitates live firearms or weapons. Don’t take the risk of ending up dead or injured.

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